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Getting Started With XQuery now available

This week I’m pleased to announce that Getting Started With XQuery: Query XML Like You Mean It is now available in our PDF Friday series.

If you’re thinking of XML as hard-to-read text files, it’s time to start thinking in terms of XML as content.
XQuery is a new language for querying XML content; it’s a charming blend of declarative pattern matching and functional programming language.

The XPath expressions you’ll use to identify XML nodes will feel familiar if you come from the XSLT world. But you also have a concise, easy to read and powerful syntax at your disposal for manipulating those nodes. A single XQuery program can operate on many documents at once, and can produce more than one document as a result. It’s easy to join elements from several documents to create a new one, or to split one document into many. You can create new documents from nothing.

With XQuery, you can transform, enhance, redact, manipulate, render, fold, spindle and mutilate. The possibilities are endless, and we’ll explore them in depth.

This Friday will show you what XQuery is, how it’s different from other approaches, the new possibilities it opens up—and how to harness its power.
Order your copy today for quick, DRM-free, digital delivery.

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