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Growing Rails Applications in Practice

July 30, 2014

Happy Birthday today to Arnold Schwarzenegger, everyone's favorite Terminator. The very first Terminator was probably based on an Arduino, and they grew the program from humble beginnings to a large scale, time-travelling android killer series. We don't have a time travel gem for Rails (yet), but we do know how to grow your Rails app from humble beginnings to a large scale, maintainable and robust system that's ready to take on the world.

Distilling more than seven years of work experience with Ruby on Rails, Growing Rails Applications in Practice is packed with actionable techniques that every developer can apply today.

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Growing Rails Applications in Practice

This book explores low-ceremony techniques to scale large Rails applications. We've divided the book into three parts:

In "New Rules for Rails," we start by unlearning bad Rails habits and introducing design conventions for controllers and user-facing models. By being consistent in our design decisions we can make it easier to navigate and understand our application even as its codebase grows.

In "Creating a System for Growth," as we implement more and more requirements and add code, all that code has to go somewhere. If all we do is add more lines to existing classes and methods, we end up with an unmaintainable mess. In this part we show how to organize code in a way that encourages the creation of new classes, which in turn enhances comprehensibility and maintainability.

In "Building Applications to Last," we show how to think about future maintenance when making decisions today. We make a case for adopting new technologies and patterns with care, and for taking full responsibility for those techniques and technologies that we do choose to adopt.

Growing Rails Applications in Practice is packed with actionable techniques every Rails developer can apply. Take back control of your code today!

This book was written and produced entirely by the author. We are proud to be distributing it.

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Updated: RubyMotion

In this update to RubyMotion, all projects have been updated for compatibility with iOS7 and RubyMotion 2.0. The code samples have been revised and refined to use more idiomatic Ruby, and external URLs that moved are now up-to-date. And of course, all pending errata have been addressed. Thanks for your input!

If you've purchased the ebook for this title from, you'll automatically get the updates in your account (and optionally on Dropbox and Kindle). If you haven't bought this title yet, come on over to and grab your copy to experience the joy of Ruby on iOS today.

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