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Healthy Programmer AUDIO BOOK, 5th Year Anniversary of PragPub

June 04, 2014

Happy Anniversary to PragPub magazine! Read on for details about this milestone 5th anniversary double issue.

The Healthy Programmer is perhaps one of the most important books we've published. If you haven't read it yet, now's your chance to listen to it with the new audio book version, available from

Please read or listen to this book. We like you, and we'd like to have you around for years to come.

The Healthy Programmer: Audio Book

Small changes to your habits can improve your health—without getting in the way of your work. The Healthy Programmer gives you a daily plan of action that’s incremental and iterative just like the software development processes you’re used to. Every tip, trick, and best practice is backed up by the advice of doctors, scientists, therapists, nutritionists, and numerous fitness experts.

We’ll review the latest scientific research to understand how being healthy is good for your body and mind. You’ll start by adding a small amount of simple activity to your day—no trips to the gym needed. You’ll learn how to mitigate back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, and many other common sources of pain.

You’ll also learn how to refactor your diet to properly fuel your body without gaining weight or feeling hungry. Then, you’ll turn the exercises and activities into a pragmatic workout methodology that doesn’t interfere with the demands of your job and may actually improve your cognitive skills.

You’ll also learn the secrets of prominent figures in the software community who turned their health around by making diet and exercise changes. Throughout, you’ll track your progress with a companion iPhone app.

Finally, you’ll learn how to make your healthy lifestyle pragmatic, attainable, and fun. If you’re going to live well, you should enjoy it.

Read the slashdot review here.

Get the audio book from and start listening today.

5th Anniversary of PragPub!

This is our 5th anniversary issue, our 60th monthly PragPub, and we wanted to celebrate.

So we rounded up some particularly memorable articles from the past five years, and we’re revisiting them this month. Oh, there are new articles, as well. As a result, this issue weighs in at twice its usual size, with twice the usual number of articles.

We tried to select articles that span the subjects that we cover, but inevitably things got left out. Our Arduino and iOS and Android coverage, for example. Still, there are articles here on topics from new languages to career advice, from some of our best authors.

We’ve got articles by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, of course, the Pragmatic Programmers who gave this magazine a platform and a push. Without them, it wouldn’t exist. Andy reflects on the cognitive biases that trip us up and Dave shares a first look at the Elixir language.

We’ve got an interview with Chad Fowler on Ruby’s past and future.

We’ve got Kent Beck on his intriguing concept of responsive design, Ron Jeffries on the evils of estimation, and Chris Adamson on C as Punk.

We’ve got Mike Riley, whose book Build an Awesome PC, 2014 Edition ( was just released, on building your battlestation, and Dan Wohlbruck continuing his programming language history series with a look at ENIAC.

And we’ve got lots more: Michael Bevilacqua-Linn on functional programming, Mike Nygard on a project that went terribly wrong, Johanna Rothman and Andy Lester on your career in software, Antonio Cangiano on the latest tech books, and John Shade on something or other. Manifestos, apparently. And Tristan Tzara.

So dive in! We hope you enjoy this special, double-sized, celebratory issue of PragPub, now available at

Upcoming Author Appearances

  • 2014-06-04 Johanna Rothman, Better Software/Agile Development Conference
  • 2014-06-05 Dave Thomas, Shanghai Regional Scrum Gathering
  • 2014-06-06 Rachel Davies, Agile Portugal, Lisbon
  • 2014-06-09 Paul Butcher, Erlang User Conference 2014
  • 2014-06-10 Drew Neil, Paris
  • 2014-06-17 Johanna Rothman, Boston SPIN
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