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In honor of Jim Weirich, 1956-2014

February 26, 2014

As you may have heard, the Ruby community lost one of its shining stars this week as Jim Weirich, the inventor of Rake, passed away suddenly. Jim was well known in the software industry as a developer, speaker, teacher, and contributor, and as a good friend.

Mike Clark at the Pragmatic Studio writes, "Jim loved to teach. He was a naturally-gifted teacher and we'll always be grateful that he chose to spend a portion of his time teaching with us. He had a lot of empathy for students. In turn, they loved learning from him."

Jim recorded one screencast for the Pragmatic Bookshelf, Source Control Made Easy, where he explains the foundational concepts behind systems such as Git. Mike Clark was his editor; both Mike and the Pragmatic Programmers have decided to give 100% of the purchase price of Jim's screencast to his estate going forward.

If you'd like to purchase Jim's screencast, the full purchase price (not including tax) will go to Jim's family. For more information, visit the screencast's page at

Thank you Jim, for your curiosity, your contributions, and your gracious and joyful spirit. You will be missed.

Andy, Dave, and Mike.
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