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Invite-A-Friend is Back! November PragPub

November 02, 2016

By popular request, Invite-A-Friend is back!

Here's how it works: hit the "Invite-A-Friend" button on, and fill in the email address of your friend, along with a message to them. They'll get an invitation to create an account on, where they'll find a coupon for 30% off. When they make a purchase, you get a 30% coupon as well!

And since it's November, it's time for the next issue of PragPub magazine.

November PragPub Magazine

Derrick Schneider is an old friend of the Pub. He modestly calls himself “a programmer, writer, and enthusiastic geek.” As a programmer, he’s comfortable with Erlang, R, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, and a number of cloud technologies. As a writer, he discussed wine with erudition and wit for years in the San Francisco Examiner. And his lead article for us this month shows his geeky side. You probably use GitHub, but you may not know about all the power GitHub offers through its extensive REST API. Derrick has explored it thoroughly, and shares some ideas for turning that API into a potent tool for your automation utility belt.

Antonio Cangiano has three (!) contributions to this issue. In addition to his monthly roundup of new tech books, we have his article on using programming to teach (or visualize) mathematical concepts. And he’s also offered up a short essay on blogging. Antonio wrote (and your editor edited) the excellent Technical Blogging so he knows all about why and when and whatabout you should be blogging.

It’s clearly old friends month at the Pub, as longtime contributor Andy Lester is back with a career-oriented article on how to sell yourself and your skills. Andy has been a regular columnist and a feature writer for us and had an article in the very first PragPub, back in the Precambrian era.

Regular columnists Johanna Rothman and Marcus Blankenship offer up more career advice, and your editor weighs in with a few contributions, including an appreciation of personal computer publishing pioneer David Bunnell and another installment in his series on Ted Nelson and Xanadu. Plus tech news and a puzzle. We hope you enjoy it!

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