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iOS 10 SDK Development: Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Swift in beta

November 09, 2016

On this day in 1620, some adventurous folks aboard a ship named Mayflower first sighted land at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The future can be a dangerous place, and often you won't get far without a good guide.

iOS 10 and Xcode 8 make it clearer than ever that Swift is Apple's language of the future, and we've got the guide for you. Level up with a pure-Swift approach in iOS 10 SDK Development: Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Swift, now in beta from If you bought the previous edition directly from us, you'll find a coupon in your account for 20% off this heavily revised edition.

Also, iOS Apps with REST APIs has been updated for Swift 3.0. If you already own a copy from us, this is a free update. If not, come on over to and pick one up. Details below.

iOS 10 SDK Development: Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Swift

Swift is the language of the future for iOS development, and this completely revised and updated book is your guide. From the community-driven changes in Swift 3 to the overhaul of iOS' Foundation framework to make it more "Swifty," iOS 10 and Xcode 8 mark an "all in" commitment to Swift, and this new edition matches that commitment.

Learn not just the syntax of the Swift language but also stylish Swift, the idiomatic uses of the language, and best practices you'll find in the wild. From there, move into developing a complete, real-world podcast client sample application—completely new for this edition—featuring Internet access, tables, touch gestures, and media playback, all with the most modern approaches provided by Apple's iOS 10 frameworks and tools. Go beyond code to master the practices that professional developers rely on: testing, debugging, publishing on the App Store, and managing your app over the long haul. As a bonus, you'll get a taste of cutting-edge iOS 10 features.

Swift's time is here. Whether you're new to Swift or just catching up on iOS' latest features, iOS 10 SDK Development will help you master the language and the platform.

Now available in beta from

iOS Apps with REST APIs

Here’s what’s new in this version of iOS Apps with REST APIs:

  • Updated to the latest versions of Swift (3.0), Alamofire (4.0), and Xcode (8.1)
  • Removed use of SwiftyJSON since native JSON handling is great now (unlike the pyramid of ugliness in early versions of Swift)
  • Switched away from using custom response serializers
  • About 1800 more words & 6 more pages to improve explanations of code. It's now over 50,000 words and 250 pages!
  • Updated Cocoapods chapter to match new standards for Podfiles
  • Fixed router incorrectly encoding parameters, mostly for form-encoded POST requests, by setting the HTTP method before the parameters
  • Fixed some typos

For sale at

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