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iOS 8 SDK Development (Swift); Apple Watch in PragPub Magazine

April 01, 2015

This is not an April Fool's prank! iOS 8 SDK Development: Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Swift is now in print and shipping. Really. And the latest issue of PragPub magazine is ready and waiting.

Come and get it!

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iOS 8 SDK Development: Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Swift

Whether you're starting out or starting over, iOS 8 has set developers on a new path. With a capable and practical new programming language, a wide variety of new features and frameworks, and a new spirit of openness and connectivity, it's a long way from the locked-down, webapps-only original iPhone.

iOS 8 SDK Development is a practical guide to the essentials of developing for iOS 8. You'll start building and revising a real app that's written entirely in Apple's new Swift programming language. You'll send network requests and handle the responses, build from one screen to many, adapt from the close confines of the iPhone screen to the wide expanse of the iPad, and accommodate the big iPhone 6 in between.

You'll master the fundamentals of keeping apps responsive with Grand Central Dispatch, organize your logic into View Controllers, delight users with multi-touch gestures and photo manipulation, and offer services to other apps through iOS 8 Extensions. You'll also learn the fine arts of testing, debugging, and the care and feeding of your app before submitting to the App Store—and after it's in the public's hands.

The iOS 8 SDK changes everything. Change with it. It's only getting better.

Now in print and shipping from

April PragPub Magazine

You're thinking, like Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit, that you don’t want to be late to the party. You’re checking your Watch and imagining the apps you’ll develop for it. But before you follow the fuzzy fellow down the rabbit hole, maybe you should pause to think about this new Apple Watch programming opportunity.

Like the move from desktop applications to mobile apps, this Watch thing is a paradigm shift. You won’t be merely porting your phone apps to the watch, or even your phone app concepts. It’s a whole new game.

Jeff Kelley’s upcoming Developing for Apple Watch is a great way to get introduced to Apple WatchKit development. But Jeff’s article in this month’s PragPub is something different. In it, Jeff writes about how to think about Watch apps, what to consider before you start coding—or even before you start imagining—your first Watch app. It’s an exercise in thinking in this new paradigm.

Also in this issue, we have a mind-altering article by Adam Tornhill on getting to know the social side of your codebase. Adam’s book Your Code as a Crime Scene, inspired by forensic psychology methods, teaches strategies to predict the future of your codebase, assess refactoring direction, and understand how your team influences the design. In this article, he shows you how the structure of your organization can be read out of the history of your codebase—and how that can help shape your thinking about your projects.

Jeff Langr, no stranger to the pages of PragPub, revisits his own coding history and finds it necessary to revise one of his basic principles. Along the way he shares some hard-won insights on how to make distributed development teams work.

And there’s more. Expert iOS developers Chris Eidhof, Wouter Swierstra, and Florian Kugler are back again with another bit of functional Swift code. Johanna Rothman and Andy Lester offer sage advice on dealing with recruiters. Marcus Blankenship has some encouraging words if you’ve just made the transition to manager and are having some misgivings. Anthony Cangiano has again tracked down all the new tech books, John Shade worries about the diet of 3D printers, and we have a selection of tasty tweets, a Pub Crawl of sites to see, and our regular Pub Quiz—which is really more of a sudoku-anagram mashup, but Pub Sudoku-Anagram Mashup just sounds odd.

Get the latest issue here.

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