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iOS Recipes now in print; special Clojure issue of PragPub magazine

July 06, 2011

Take your iPhone and iPad apps to the next level. You’ve seen cool features and tricks in other apps, but haven’t had the time to really look into how they’re done. We’ve got the answers for you. iOS Recipes: Tips and Tricks for Awesome iPhone and iPad Apps is now in print and shipping from

And this month’s issue of PragPub magazine focuses on Clojure. Free to read and share from

iOS Recipes: Tips and Tricks for Awesome iPhone and iPad Apps

iOS Recipes begins with a tour of UIKit. Former Apple Evangelist Matt Drance and expert graphical-systems programmer Paul Warren show you how to write splash screens and embedded web browsers that are easily dropped into any project. You’ll explore techniques for building complex table views without losing yourself in a sea of code, and see how to add some unique visual touches to any tablet—even the ones you’ve already built.

Next you’ll explore Quartz and Core Animation, and you’ll walk through a number of fills, transforms, and animations that will breathe life into any app or game. You’ll also learn about gestures, transitions, and custom controls to take your user interactions to the next level.

You’ll tackle networking with a few basic techniques to prevent unnecessary repetition in your codebases, and address some more complex problems like uploading large files to a web server. Finally, you’ll see some simple disciplines and ideas that will make architecting, debugging, maintaining, and ultimately shipping your application easier every single time.

By the end of this book, you’ll have expanded your iPhone and iPad development knowledge and be well on your way to building elegant solutions that are ready for whatever project you take on next.

Check out samples and the table of contents:

Now in print and shipping from

July PragPub

The July issue of PragPub focuses on the Clojure language.

Jeff Héon leads off with an introduction to Clojure that highlights its capabilities for data manipulation. It’s a gentle intro: if you are new to Clojure, you’ll get to know enough about the language to decide if it is worth pursuing further.

Then Steven Reynolds follows up with a deep dive into the internal representation of some Clojure collections. He illustrates the backing data for objects such as a physician using an MRI to see the internals of their patient.

Aaron Bedra finds the pragmatic way between these extremes, walking you through the development of some Unix services in Clojure, with the knowledge and clarity that he’s putting into the next edition of Programming Clojure.

Then Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant walks you through the creation of a small Clojure DSL, starting with common building blocks like conditionals and motivating more advanced mechanisms that Clojure uniquely provides, like Multimethods and ad-hoc hierarchies.

Because there is more to life, even the coding life, than Lisp dialects, we’ve included a few other goodies. Jeff Langr and Tim Ottinger follow up last issue’s article on pair programming with a detailed list of benefits of pairing—benefits to the individual programmers, to the team, and to the management or the project. And Dan Wohlbruck takes us back in time to the birth of the Unix operating system, which celebrates its 37th birthday this month.

John Shade weighs in on a different birthday celebration, with some pointed comments on the industry’s most celebrated centenarian. Of course there’s the latest Events Calendar, telling you about where our authors will be appearing and other notable events, and Choice Bits, where you’ll learn that it’s good to be Branson.

Free to read and share from

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