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iOS Unit Testing by Example

May 22, 2019

We know testing is important, but if you don't test the right things, your results will be useless, or worse, misleading. Knowing what to test, when, and in what circumstances is central to an automated testing program. Apple provides the XCTest framework in Xcode, but using it effectively takes practice. Jon Reid has the techniques you need, with demonstrations of how to use them.

Start testing the right way today!

iOS Unit Testing by Example: XCTest Tips and Techniques Using Swift

Manual code and UI testing get slower the deeper your navigation hierarchy goes. It can take several taps just to reach a particular screen, never mind the actual workflow tests. Automatic unit testing offers such rapid feedback that it can change the rules of development. Bring testing to iOS development, even for legacy code. Use XCTest to write unit tests in Swift for all your code.

iOS developers typically reserve unit tests for their model classes alone. But that approach skips most of the code common to iOS apps, especially with UIViewControllers. Learn how to unit test these view controllers to expand your unit testing possibilities. Since good unit tests form the bedrock for safe refactoring, you're empowered to make bold changes. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes Swift programmers make with the XCTest framework. Use code coverage to find holes in your test suites. Learn how to identify hard dependencies.

Reshape the design of your code quickly, with less risk and less fear.

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