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iPhone SDK 3.0; Debug It! in beta


As promised, we’re delivering the revised version of iPhone SDK Development, now updated for the very latest 3.0 SDK release from Apple. Apple released the SDK publicly today, so now we’re releasing today as well.

Nobody likes to talk about debugging, but everyone needs to do it—even with test-driven development, even with a crystal ball and fantastic programming chops, bugs still happen. But fixing them doesn’t have to be a hit-or-miss affair. Read on to see how to supercharge your debugging skills.

iPhone SDK Development, now for 3.0

One of the great advantages of our beta program is that we’re able to ship new versions of our books-in-progress as the software they cover evolves. Apple released iPhone 3.0 today and our latest beta of iPhone SDK Development is now available. This latest version of our book is filled with brand-new material on the iPhone 3.0 APIs.

You’ll find new chapters on the Game Kit and Map Kit frameworks. Game Kit allows you to write applications that work with other nearby iPhones. Map Kit builds on the location APIs to allow you to take advantage of Google maps from within your application.

The media chapters have been revised and expanded to take advantage of the new APIs. There is a new chapter that shows you how to work with your user’s iPod library from within your application. You also can take advantage of new easier AVRecorder and AVAudioSession APIs for working with audio.

You can still use the SQLite database but we think you’ll prefer to use Core Data now that it is available on the iPhone. We’ve added a new chapter that shows you how Core Data can be used in any application that needs to save data to the phone.

You’ll also find revisions throughout the book to use the latest templates and APIs. We have completely rewritten the Table View chapter. You’ll notice changes in the chapters on View Controllers, the Accelerometer, Fundamentals and Preferences.

This is the first book available that shows you how to use many of the new APIs and frameworks that you’ll find in the latest version of the iPhone SDK.

Remember this is a free update if you’re already in our beta program, otherwise you can start now by purchasing at Back in March we stopped the presses so we could include this new material for iPhone 3.0 and get you the very latest, most up-to-date material. We’ll be sending the book out for one final round of tech review and then it’s off to be printed.

Debug It! in Beta

If you develop software, sooner or later you’re going to discover that it doesn’t always behave as you intended. Working out why it’s misbehaving can be hard. Sometimes very hard. Debug It! is here to help!

All bugs are different: there is no silver bullet. You’ve got to rely upon your intellect, intuition, detective skills and yes, even a little luck. But that doesn’t mean that you’re completely on your own—there is much you can learn from those who have gone before. This book distills decades of hard-won experience gained in the trenches of professional software development, giving you a head-start and arming you with the tools you need to get to the bottom of the problem, whatever you’re faced with.

Whether you’re writing Java or assembly language, targeting servers or embedded micro-controllers, using agile or traditional approaches, the same basic bug-fixing principles apply. From constructing software that is easy to debug (and incidentally less likely to contain bugs in the first place), through handling bug reports to rolling out your ultimate fix, we’ll cover the entire life-cycle of a bug.

You’ll learn about the empirical approach, which leverages your software’s unique ability to show you what’s really happening, the importance of finding a reliable and convenient means of reproducing a bug, and common pitfalls so you can avoid them. You’ll see how to use commonly available tools to automatically detect problems before they’re reported by customers and how to construct “transparent software” that provides access to critical information and internal state.

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