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It's Here: iPhone SDK Development 3.0


In print and now shipping: iPhone SDK Development, for the latest 3.0 iPhone SDK. There are hot development topics, there are really hot development topics, and then there’s the iPhone. If you haven’t taken a look at what all the excitement is about, now’s the time. Take a look at all of our Mac titles at and come join the fun!

iPhone SDK Development

Packing the power of desktop applications into a small mobile device, the iPhone SDK offers developers the ability to create dynamic, visually-appealing, and highly-capable mobile applications. However, harnessing that power means learning new tools, new APIs, and even a whole new programming language.

iPhone SDK Development is a Pragmatic guide that takes you beyond the first steps of developing applications for the iPhone. We’ll move you quickly through the introductory material to get you started developing applications for iPhone and iPod touch. Once you’ve been introduced to the tools and the basics, you’ll learn the APIs and techniques needed to succeed on the platform:

  • Use the XCode IDE to manage your source code, images, sounds, database files, and other application resources, building your app and deploying it onto your own device for testing.
  • Develop your user interface the visual, code-free way, and then wire it to your code with Interface Builder.
  • Master the iPhone’s unique user interface components, including tables, tab bars, navigation bars, and the multi-touch interface.
  • Connect your iPhone to the outside world with networking and to other phones with Bonjour and Game Kit.
  • Exploit the power of data modeling with Core Data, or interact directly with the SQLite database API.
  • Distinguish your application from others by taking advantage of the first-class support for images, animation, audio, and video.
  • Make use of the iPhone’s unique mobile APIs, like geolocation, Map Kit, the compass, and the motion-sensing accelerometer.
  • Use XCode’s powerful performance and debugging tools to eliminate memory leaks, zombies, and other hazards.

With more than 50 sample programs (updated for iPhone SDK 3.0), explorations of the big picture, and an eye to the little details that you’ll need, iPhone SDK Development goes beyond basic developer docs to help you succeed on today’s most important mobile platform.

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