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January PragPub Magazine, new version of Core Data in Swift

January 04, 2017

Welcome to 2017, and a very happy birthday to Sir Isaac Newton, born on this day in 1643.

And with January comes the next issue of the monthly PragPub magazine, now available from

Also this week, Core Data in Swift has been updated to p3.0. Changes include: All examples are current for macOS Sierra, iOS 10, and the latest release of Core Data. All the code is written in Swift 3, including numerous examples of how best to integrate Core Data with Apple’s newest programming language.

If you already own a copy, you'll find the update waiting for you in your account on If not, come and get yourself a copy at

January PragPub Magazine

PragPub has always embraced the move to functional programming, and this year we will share hands-on examples in every issue of how to refactor imperative code to the functional paradigm. Java 8 supports writing code in functional style, and Venkat Subramaniam has agreed to a twelve-issue series on refactoring to functional style in Java 8, to appear throughout 2017. He’ll delve into topics like lambdas and legacy code, find first and find any, joining, sorting, grouping, and infinite streams. This month he dives right in, showing how and where you can use lambdas directly in legacy code, as well as where and why you should.

We’re starting another series this month, as Mark Pearl begins a practical introduction to mob programming. Mob Programming is a new and interesting software development technique in which a group of people work at one computer solving one problem. It can be seen as an evolutionary step forward from Pair Programming. When you finish Mark’s introduction, you’ll have what it takes to get a team started with Mob Programming.

Johanna Rothman shares her experience on building to learn and learning to build. Marcus Blankenship shares secrets of great one-on-one meetings. Antonio Cangiano has collected all the new tech books of interest. And your editor has gathered some tech news highlights of the past month, along with a puzzle and assorted other choice bits. Oh, and we’ve put together a complete index to all articles from 2016.

But wait — there’s more! Onorio Catenacci and Derek Sivers return to PragPub with thoughts, whimsical and outside the box, on interviews and motivation. And John Shade, who took all of 2016 off for mysterious purposes, is back with some thoughts on what made America great.

We hope you enjoy this first issue of 2017!

Now available from

Upcoming Author Appearances

  • 2017-01-04 Johanna Rothman,
    Non-Fiction Writing Workshop to Enhance Your Business (online workshop)
  • 2017-01-09 Johanna Rothman,
    Practical Product Ownership Workshop (online)
  • 2017-01-10 Johanna Rothman,
    Secrets of Successful Non-Fiction Writers (Workshop 2)
  • 2017-01-12 Rachel Davies,
    Regional Scrum Gathering, Tokyo Japan
  • 2017-01-12 Erica Sadun,
    Realm Meetup (Online from Denver to San Francisco)
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