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Modern Erlang for Beginners, now available

March 13, 2019

According to the FCC, color TV went from virtually unknown to ubiquitous in American homes in approximately 30 years. By contrast, the printing press was invented in 1452, but printed books and newspapers didn't become commonplace in American homes until the 1800s. The lesson here is "don't compare adoption rates of technologies from two entirely different eras of history," but also, video makes a good complement to print. Modern Erlang for Beginners teaches Erlang from scratch in an accessible screencast format as an introduction to the languagei, or a supplement to our books.

Check it out, along with our other screencast offerings.

Modern Erlang for Beginners

Modern Erlang for Beginners provides a thorough introduction to the Erlang programming language from the very basics to building your first Erlang/OTP application.

This course takes a structured approach to teaching Erlang. The screencasts show you how to get started in a gradual journey from understanding basic concepts such as pattern matching to writing your first OTP application. You will learn how to use behaviors to build supervised and distributed systems through clear examples and detailed explanations.

Why Erlang? The Erlang runtime system is known for its designs that are well suited for systems with the following characteristics:

  • Distributed
  • Fault-tolerant
  • Highly available (non-stop applications)
  • Support Hot Code swapping (code can be changed without stopping a system)

Now available from

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