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Modern Systems Programming with Scala Native, in beta

January 30, 2019

Back on this day in 1862, the first American ironclad warship was launched. The USS Monitor was something in its day, but the era of steamships didn't last forever. The idea of cladding a warship in metal stuck, but the primitive steam engines were steadily upgraded to more efficient means. You can always keep the good parts, and upgrade the old-fashioned tech when needed, which brings us to today's new release.

You can keep your favorite parts of Java but ditch the JVM. Use Scala Native for systems-level programming to avoid the overhead of the JVM and increase performance.

Ditch the steam engine and see how to take advantage of Scala Native today, with Modern Systems Programming with Scala Native, now in beta from

Come and get it!

Modern Systems Programming with Scala Native: Write Lean, High-Performance Code without the JVM

Developers generally build systems on top of the work of those who came before, accumulating layer upon layer of abstraction. Scala Native provides a rare opportunity to remove layers. Without the JVM, Scala Native uses POSIX and ANSI C APIs to build concise, expressive programs that run unusually close to bare metal. Scala Native compiles Scala code down to native machine instructions instead of JVM bytecode. It starts up fast, without the sluggish warm-up phase that’s common for just-in-time compilers. Scala Native programs can seamlessly invoke operating system APIs for low-level networking and IO. And Scala Native lets you control pointers, arrays, and other memory layout types for extreme performance.

Write practical, bare-metal code with Scala Native, step by step. Understand the foundations of systems programming, including pointers, arrays, strings, and memory management. Use the UNIX socket API to write network client and server programs without the sort of frameworks higher-level languages rely on. Put all the pieces together to design and implement a modern, asynchronous microservice-style HTTP framework from scratch.

Take advantage of Scala Native's clean, modern syntax to write lean, high-performance code without the JVM.

Now in beta from

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