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Modular Java; iPhone interview; twitter news and a surprise


It’s been a busy week. Modular Java arrived from the printers and is now shipping, the Radical Career Success in a Down Economy webcast is scheduled for next week, we’ve got a new podcast featuring the iPhone SDK book authors this week, new features for all you Twitter followers out there, and new studios coming up.

And next, we’ve got a surprise to unveil. Michael Swaine, Editor-in-chief at Dr. Dobb’s Journal for many years, has now joined the Pragmatic Programmers. Tune in next week to see what we’re up to.

Modular Java in print and shipping

Modular Java is a pragmatic guide to developing applications using OSGi, the framework for dynamic modularity in Java, and Spring Dynamic Modules, an OSGi extension to the Spring Framework. You’ll start with the basics but quickly ramp up, creating loosely coupled modules that publish and consume services, and you’ll see how to compose them into larger applications. Along the way, you’ll apply what you learn as you build a complete web application that is made up of several OSGi modules, using Spring-DM to wire those modules together.

Now in print and shipping from

Webcast with Andy Lester and Chad Fowler

Next Wednesday, on July 1, join Pragmatic Bookshelf authors Chad Fowler and Andy Lester for a webcast on Radical Career Success in a Down Economy. Details are available here. The webcast is free, but registration is required. Please be sure to fill in the “what you’d like to see covered” field, as the authors will get a chance to see that before the webcast.

Interview with iPhone authors on the podcast

Hear what iPhone SDK authors Chris Adamson and Bill Dudney have to say on this week’s podcast. They’ll discuss Apple’s design patterns and their feat of getting the 3.0 beta book out on the same day Apple publicly released the SDK. You’ll also hear about the advantages of the new programmable GPU, the new availability of Core Data and AV classes for audio apps, in-app purchasing, plus what didn’t come in the new 3.0. Chris and Bill will talk about how the iPhone programming model is significantly different from desktop programming, and offer some thoughts on what’s coming next.

Available at and on iTunes.

Your updates on Twitter

We’ve added the ability to send you notifications via Twitter. Here’s how it works:

Login to and add your Twitter ID to your profile. We’ll automatically tweet you when updates are available for books on your bookshelf.

We’ll also post announcements to the @pragprog user on Twitter. Just follow @pragprog, you’ll see announcements of the latest and greatest books and such (you can get this same feed via RSS).

And of course, if you’re not following Dave and Andy currently, you can find us at @pragdave and @pragmaticandy, and for Pragmatic Life news, @praglife.

iPhone Studios

Join authors Bill Dudney and Daniel Steinberg for these upcoming studios:

  • August 4-7 in Reston, VA
  • August 25-28 in Denver, CO

With the recent release of the iPhone SDK 3.0, now is a great time to learn how to create iPhone applications! This summer, our authors Bill Dudney of iPhone SDK Development and Daniel Steinberg of Cocoa Programming: A Quick Start Guide for Developers are offering two hands-on programming courses:

  • Over the course of four days, you’ll learn how to create dynamic, visually appealing iPhone applications from scratch.
  • You’ll come away knowing Xcode, Interface Builder, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch programming, and the APIs included in the iPhone SDK 3.0.
  • Save yourself time and frustration by focusing exclusively on iPhone development for four days with expert guidance.

In the words of one attendee, “It was totally awesome! I learned more in these four days than in six months of muddling around on my own.”

Details and registration at

Coming Soon:

  • Radical Career Success in a Down Economy webcast July 1
  • Unveiling another surprise next Wednesday
  • The RSpec Book in print
  • Manage Your Project Portfolio in print
  • Core Data in print
  • …and more titles to keep you at the top of your game

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