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NEW: Adopting Elixir; A Swift Kickstart, Second Edition

November 08, 2017

We know better ways of doing things. Better languages, better workflows, better process. But just knowing a better way is never enough—you need to get that adopted, successfully. Adopting Elixir: From Concept to Production will show you how. Now in beta from

And if you want to work in iOS but haven't yet made the switch to Swift, now's your chance. With A Swift Kickstart, Second Edition: Introducing the Swift Programming Language you can level up your Swift skills with the very latest version. Now available from

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Adopting Elixir: From Concept to Production

Learn real-life strategies from the people who built Elixir and use it successfully at scale. See how Ben Marx and Bleacher Report maintain one of the highest-traffic Elixir applications by selling the concept to management and delivering on that promise. Find out how Bruce Tate and icanmakeitbetter hire and train Elixir engineers, and the techniques they've employed to design and ensure code consistency since Elixir's early days. Explore customer challenges in deploying and monitoring distributed applications with Elixir creator José Valim and Plataformatec.

Make a business case and build a team before you finish your first prototype. Once you're in development, form strategies for organizing your code and learning the constraints of the runtime and ecosystem. Convince stakeholders, both business and technical, about the value they can expect. Prepare to make the critical early decisions that will shape your application for years to come. Manage your deployment with all of the knobs and gauges that good DevOps teams demand. Decide between the many options available for deployment, and how to best prepare yourself for the challenges of running a production application.

This book picks up where most Elixir books leave off. It won't teach you to program Elixir, or any of its tools. Instead, it guides you through the broader landscape and shows you a holistic approach to adopting the language.

Now in beta from

A Swift Kickstart, Second Edition: Introducing the Swift Programming Language

This is the perfect book for the experienced developer who wants to get serious about learning the Swift programming language. If you know at least one modern programming language, this book will teach you how to think and program in Swift. Swift's design is inspired by elements from object-oriented, functional, and generic programming.

As the language matures and improves, this book changes to reflect the latest best practices and coding style. This second edition to the best-selling Swift introduction has been updated to the latest Swift 4 release. It's never been easier to get started with Swift as this edition supports the new iOS Swift Playgrounds along with improved support for Xcode playgrounds. This means you can code along on a Mac or an iPad.

The book begins with an introduction to basic components of programming in Swift: functions, variables and constants, collections, and types from the Swift Standard Library. In the second part, create and use your own enumerations, structs, classes, and protocols.

Working your way through this book is a great way to learn the language of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Now available from This work was written and produced entirely by the author. We are proud to be distributing it.

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