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New episodes, Facebook on Rails interview


This week we’ve got new screencast episodes for you, and a new podcast.

Michael J. Mangino on Facebook Applications

Susannah Pfalzer interviews Michael J. Mangino, author of Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails on our latest podcast (also available on iTunes). Mike describes how Facebook works, and talks about using facebooker for Ruby on Rails to provide helpers, handle authentication, and more.

Mike walks through developing an application in Facebook, describes the parts of Facebook, as well as messaging, testing, and engaging users. Find out about the magic 8-second rule and the key aspects of a successful Facebook application.

Ruby Metaprogramming

Two new episodes are available in the The Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming series:

  • Episode 4: instance_eval and class_eval
  • Episode 5: Nine Examples

Expression Engine

A new episode is available for Expression Engine:

  • Episode 6: Building a Stand-Alone Entry Form (SAEF)

Erlang by Example

And a new episode is also available for Erlang By Example:

  • Episode 4: Storing Messages in the Mnesia Database

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Coming Soon:

  • Mastering Dojo in print
  • Web Design Techniques for Programmers
  • Pragmatic Version Control using Git
  • Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby
  • Rails for .NET Developers
  • Managing Websites with ExpressionEngine
  • ...and more for Mac OS X and the iPhone

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