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New episodes; Theora Ogg support


We hope your summer is off to a great start (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least). Git, despite its odd name, is proving to be a really hot topic, and the beta of Pragmatic Version Control using Git is really keeping our gerbils busy.

In other news:

New Screencast Episodes

We’ve got new screencasts for you, fresh out of the oven:

Expression Engine:

  • Episode 7: Publishing a Podcast
  • Episode 8: Adding Membership to a Site

Everyday Active Record

  • Episode 3: Validating Models

Ogg Support

Theora Ogg formats are now available for select series. The Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming, Erlang by Example, and Everyday Active Record now include downloads in Theora Ogg format for your viewing pleasure on Linux systems.

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Coming Soon:

  • Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby
  • Web Design Techniques for Programmers
  • Rails for .NET Developers
  • Managing Websites with ExpressionEngine
  • Stripes…and Java web development is fun again
  • …and more for Mac OS X, Objective C 2.0, and the iPhone

Recently Released:

Thanks for your continued support,

Andy & Dave