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New Podcast: the Chad Fowler Interview


Our authors and printers are hard at work as summer draws to a close, with a lot of cool new titles for fall. This week, we’ve got a real treat for you: an interview with Chad Fowler.

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Chad Fowler Interview

Daniel Steinberg interviews Chad Fowler, author of Rails Recipes, 52 Ways to Save Your Job, and co-author on the PickAxe Second and Third editions.

Chad describes finding the interesting, “jagged edges” across a wide range of topics including programming, music, math, the C64, Ruby, Rails, electronics, hooking up the real world to the computer, the Principle of Agreement, the dangers of stagnation, invigorating your career and globalization.

Available now at and on iTunes.

Coming Soon:

  • iPhone SDK Development — still waiting on Apple…
  • Web Design Techniques for Programmers
  • Managing Websites with ExpressionEngine
  • Enterprise Recipes with Ruby and Rails
  • Debug It! Find, Repair, and Prevent Bugs
  • Job Hunting in the Tech World
  • …and more!

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