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New podcast: The Future of Web of Development

February 09, 2011

Greetings! This week we’ve got a special treat, another new podcast with your host, Miles Forrest. In this episode, Brian Hogan talks about the future of web development with HTML5 and CSS3.

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The Future of Web Development

HTML5 and CSS3 are the future of web development, and in this episode of the pragmatic podcast, Brian Hogan talks about his new book HTML5 and CSS3: Develop with Tomorrow’s Standards Today.

HTML5 is quickly becoming a marketing term, a new buzzword with a fancy logo that may put some people off. Is this a good or bad thing? Are there features in HTML5/CSS3 that make adopting these technologies now worth the effort? Brian even tackles the HTML5 vs. Flash debate, and answers the question “Is Flash dead?”

Hosted by Miles Forrest, available now from and on iTunes.

Coming Soon:

  • Continuous Testing with Ruby: Better Software Through Faster Feedback in print
  • Rails Test Prescriptions: Keeping Your Application Healthy in print
  • Test-Driven Development for Embedded C in print
  • Code in the Cloud: Programming Google AppEngine in print

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