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Node.js 8 the Right Way: Practical, Server-Side JavaScript That Scales in print; January PragPub

January 03, 2018

Happy New Year!

[Editor's note: Hey Andy… you have to write more than just "Happy New Year."]

[Andy's reply:] Nah, our readers are the some of the smartest folks on the planet. They know what's up. They know that we've got a full slate of some fantastic books coming out this year. They know that JavaScript is pervasive now, not just in the browser but on the server as well, with Node. And now that Node.js 8 the Right Way: Practical, Server-Side JavaScript That Scales is in print and shipping from, well they'll just click right through and buy a copy for all the developers on their team. Our readers are smart like that.

Also, since it's a new month, don't forget to pick up the latest issue of PragPub magazine. Details below. Read on!

And seriously, happy new year. Let's do this.


Node.js 8 the Right Way: Practical, Server-Side JavaScript That Scales

JavaScript is the backbone of the modern web, powering nearly every web app’s user interface. Node.js is JavaScript for the server. This greatly expanded second edition introduces new language features while dramatically increasing coverage of core topics. Each hands-on chapter offers progressively more challenging topics and techniques, broadening your skill set and enabling you to think in Node.js.

Write asynchronous, non-blocking code using Node.js’s style and patterns. Cluster and load balance services with Node.js core features and third-party tools. Harness the power of databases such as Elasticsearch and Redis. Work with many protocols, create RESTful web services, TCP socket clients and servers, and more. Test your code’s functionality with Mocha, and manage its life cycle with npm. Discover how Node.js pairs a server-side event loop with a JavaScript runtime to produce screaming fast, non-blocking concurrency. Through a series of practical programming domains, use the latest available ECMAScript features and harness key Node.js classes and popular modules. Create rich command-line tools and a web-based UI using modern web development techniques.

Join the smart and diverse community that’s rapidly advancing the state of the art in JavaScript development.

Now in print and shipping from

January PragPub Magazine

A co-author of the Agile Manifesto challenges the movement he helped start. A young developer embraces an old technique that is newly relevant. A manager detects a leadership smell. It's the January, 2018 PragPub.

Mike Beedle helped start the agile software development movement. In the kickoff essay in our new Soapbox series, he sounds off on something that's been bothering him. The Agile movement isn't agile. Shouldn't we be eating our own dog food? Shouldn't we iterate and improve agile itself? Mike thinks so, and he has some ideas about how to start.

For years, Scott Ambler has been working with organizations around the world to help them to improve their software processes and be more agile. One insight he has gleaned from this work in the trenches is that terminology matters. He demonstrates that in this issue with an article that sorts out several similar-sounding terms from software development, and works through a concrete product-development example to show how the terms differ and how using terms correctly can help keep your development efforts on track.

One of the challenges of Continuous Delivery (CD) arises when a feature spans multiple commits, and an urgent fix needs to be released before the development of that feature is complete. When a feature is completed and deployed to production, teams also need a way to experiment safely, beta testing with a small group of users and being able to roll back quickly if an undesirable experience is observed. Feature toggles to the rescue. Darren Sim explains this practice, which was common twenty years ago and is being rediscovered today.

Net neutrality was the big tech policy story last year. It might be the big tech policy story this year, too. The battle is not over, it is just moving to another venue. Your editor reviews what net neutrality is, what the arguments for and against are, what happened at the FCC last year, and what to expect this year.

What else? Cryptocurrencies, the history of online, a sudoku-slash-anagram puzzle, plus Johanna Rothman on how WIP limits can reduce backlog pressure, Marcus Blankenship on why your company may be doing onboarding wrong, Antonio Cangiano on all the new tech books, and John Shade on his predictions for 2018.

We hope you enjoy it!

Now available from

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