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Online Ruby on Rails Programming Course

May 08, 2013

Lights, cameras, and controller actions!

Ready to learn how to build Rails 4 apps from scratch? As a follow-up to their popular online Ruby course, our friends over at The Pragmatic Studio, Mike and Nicole Clark, have released an online Rails course at

You’ll learn interactively—through engaging videos and hands-on exercises—how to build a camera-ready Rails app, from idea to the bright lights of deployment! And since this is an online course, you can start taking it immediately and work through it at your own pace.

Online Ruby on Rails Programming Course

In this comprehensive online course you’ll learn the fundamentals every Rails developer should know, and how to put all the pieces together, so you can confidently create your first Rails app or jump right into an existing app. Throughout the course you’ll also learn key design principles and practices to help you craft robust and flexible Rails apps.

Your backstage pass to learning Ruby on Rails includes unlimited access to the following:

  • 36 HD-quality videos with personal instruction, live coding, and over 70 animated visuals. Watch the videos in your browser for an integrated learning experience, or download them for offline viewing.
  • An online workbook with hands-on, step-by-step exercises so you can immediately apply what you learned in each video. You’ll end up incrementally building a complete Rails app from the ground up on your own computer—the same familiar environment where you’ll craft your own Rails apps.
  • Example code and solutions for two full-featured Rails apps, as well as cheat sheets for commonly used conventions, commands, and shortcuts.
  • Access to a mailing list exclusively for participants of this course. If you have any questions or problems at any point during the course, we’re happy to help!

And since this is an online course, you can rewatch the videos, redo the exercises, and revisit the entire course as often as you like.

Have you tried to learn Rails piecemeal from scraps here and there? This course shows you how to build a complete app from start to finish and fills in the gaps along the way. Confused by all the commands and conventions? You’ll learn when and how to use them to your advantage. Want to learn how to craft dynamic web apps like the pros? Then this course is for you!

“One of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had! I’ve gone through many courses and books. From all of these, your Rails course is the best in terms of teaching style, course structure, topics, and being up-to-date with Rails 4.”
—Mate Kaszas

“Whether you are new to Ruby or Rails, Pragmatic Studio is the place to learn Ruby and Rails, period!”
—Alex Jolovic

“Where this course really wins over others is that, on completion, I had more than just a ‘rote knowledge’ of the Rails framework. I had enough understanding to go out and develop my own app from scratch, and be proud of the result.”
—Brian Wherry

“Awesome new Rails course from Pragmatic Studio. Top notch stuff!”
—Ryan Irelan

To find more about this course and get started learning Rails, check out the introduction video at

Online Ruby Programming Course

Ruby is the language that powers Rails apps, so to be in the driver’s seat with Rails you need to be comfortable with Ruby. In the online Ruby course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Ruby to use Rails to its full potential. You’ll also learn Ruby design principles and techniques to help you become a better all-around Ruby programmer.

“Rails is so much less mysterious now that I’m learning Ruby the right way.”
—Tony Barone

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