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Payment Processing with Paypal and Ruby now availble in PDF

Our latest PDF-only Friday is now available: Joe Fair’s “Payment Processing with Paypal and Ruby”, a short guide to using Paypal to handle credit card transactions and web payments from Ruby and Rails.

Please visit the book’s home page for details.

About this book:
Building a top-notch web site requires a lot of technical expertise. Keeping track of changing requirements and new technologies—not to mention the competition—can keep you on your toes. Processing payments is a small but important part of a successful site.

If you’re running a web site, you probably don’t want to know the details of processing payments. You want to know just enough to solve your problems so you can go to production. As powerful and popular as Ruby is, there isn’t much information on credit card processing.

This Friday will give you enough information to make a good decision, and enough technical know-how to implement that decision using Paypal and Ruby.

Available now from

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Enjoy, and thanks for your continued support!

Andy and Dave