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Podcast, Videos, and Crafting Rails Applications: Expert Practices for Everyday Rails Development, now in bet

December 08, 2010

Get ready for the holidays, there’s a lot of stuff going on this week:

  • New for Rails 3 and now in beta, Crafting Rails Applications: Expert Practices for Everyday Rails Development at
  • Our latest podcast is out, at and on iTunes.
  • Don’t miss this video narrated by world-famous voice-over master, Don Morrow, now on our YouTube channel, “PragProg”
  • Maik Schmidt’s new video, Christmas with the Arduino is also on YouTube. Check it out!
  • See below for new and upcoming Pragmatic Studios.

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Crafting Rails Applications: Expert Practices for Everyday Rails Development

Rails 3 is a huge step forward. You can now easily extend the framework, change its behavior, and replace whole components to bend it to your will, all without messy hacks. This pioneering book is the first resource that deep dives into the new Rails 3 APIs and shows you how to use them to write better web applications and make your day-to-day work with Rails more productive.

Rails Core developer José Valim guides you through seven different tutorials, each of them using test-driven development to build a new Rails extension or application that solves common problems with these new APIs. You will understand how the Rails rendering stack works and customize it to read templates from the database while you learn how to mimic Active Record behavior, like validations, in any other object. You will find out how to write faster, leaner controllers, and you’ll learn how to mix Sinatra applications into your Rails apps, so you can choose the most appropriate tool for the job. In addition, you will improve your productivity by customizing generators and responders.

This book will help you understand Rails 3’s inner workings, including generators, template handlers, internationalization, routing, and responders. With the knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll be ready to tackle complicated projects more easily than ever before, creating solutions that are well-tested, modular, and easy to maintain.

Here’s the table of contents and excerpts:

  • Full Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Creating our Own Renderer excerpt
  • Easy Models with Active Model
  • Building a Template Management System
  • Multipart e-mails with Markdown and ERb excerpt
  • Publishing and Subscribing to Your Application Events
  • DRY Controllers with Responders
  • Translatable Apps with I18n and Redis
  • Bibliography

Now available in beta from

Pragmatic Podcast

Jonathan Rasmusson discusses his new book The Agile Samurai: How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software. As a former evangelist for ThoughtWorks, Jonathan brings a real world, hands-covered-in-muck approach to the subject of Agile development. What is Agile, really? And not from a theoretical point of view, but from the trenches? What works? What doesn’t? How do you get started? Although “exciting” might not be a word most people think of when discussing software development, Jonathan’s energy and infectious enthusiasm is apparent on this interview with host Miles Forrest.

Now available at and on iTunes.

New Videos

Don Morrow is a legend—you’ve heard him on movie trailers for Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Titanic, and even Clint Eastwood’s classic A Fist Full of Dollars. Don narrates this send-up of those classic movie trailers, describing Brian Hogan’s new HTML5 and CSS3 book, now on YouTube and the book’s home page.

Nothing says “Christmas” like the romantic flicker of LEDs powered by an Arduino board! Check out Maik Schmidt’s new video, Christmas with the Arduino on YouTube, inspired by his book Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide.

New and Upcoming Pragmatic Studios

The Pragmatic Studio has several training courses scheduled to help you get a great start in the new year:

  • A new Ruby on Rails II: Real-World Techniques course will premiere in Santa Clara, CA on March 7-10, 2011. It’s a 4-day course for experienced Rails developers, taught by Dave Thomas and Chad Fowler. If you’ve written a Rails app or two, but you’re bumping into issues as you try to add more “advanced” features you’ve seen in real-world apps, then this is the next course for you. It picks up where the introductory Ruby on Rails course leaves off. By attending this course, you’ll move beyond the skills of the average Rails developer and return to your project with pragmatic ways to immediately improve your existing Rails apps. Details available at
  • The next Ruby on Rails course will be held in Reston, VA on January 26-28, 2011. It’s a 3-day course taught by Dave Thomas and Chad Fowler. If you’re new to Rails, or you’ve started building a Rails app but need help putting all the pieces together, then this is the course for you. You’ll learn how to use the core features in the very latest version of Rails. You’ll come away from this course with the fundamental skills and hands-on experience you’ll need to build your own Rails apps: from idea to deployment. Details available at
  • The next iPhone Programming courses will be held in Reston, VA on January 25-28, 2011 and in Santa Clara, CA on March 7-10, 2011. It’s a 4-day course taught by Daniel Steinberg and Matt Drance. If you have an idea and want to quickly turn it into an iOS app, or you just want to learn something new, then this is the course for you. You’ll learn Objective-C, Cocoa programming, and how to use the tools and APIs in the iOS SDK 4 (the latest version). After attending this course you’ll be ready to create your first iOS app from scratch, or improve your existing app. Details available at

These courses tend to sell out during early-bird registration, so register early to secure your seat!

Coming Soon:

  • Agile in a Flash card deck
  • HTML5 and CSS3: Develop with Tomorrow’s Standards Today in print
  • Rails Test Prescriptions: Keeping Your Application Healthy in print
  • Code in the Cloud: Programming Google AppEngine in print

Recently Released:

  • The RSpec Book: Behaviour-Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber, and Friends [in print]
  • Pragmatic Guide to Subversion [in print]
  • Driving Technical Change: Why People on Your Team Don’t Act on Good Ideas, and How to Convince Them They Should [in print]
  • Seven Languages in Seven Weeks [in print]
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