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Pragmatic Gerbils Riot, Cite Squeaky Wheels

April 02, 2012

HABITRAIL, Gerbil City—The gerbils responsible for meticulously hand-crafting Pragmatic Bookshelf’s technical books went on a rampage on Sunday, April 1, citing frustration with overly squeaky hamster wheels and too much kibble. Workers at the Bookshelf watched in horror as the marauding gerbils spilled buckets of bits all over the floor, tore hamster wheels loose from their moorings and shredded stacks of pending epubs and mobis.

“For one thing, those are hamster wheels—and we’re gerbils!” said Randy the Gerbil, the apparent leader of the sudden rebellion. Eddie the Gerbil, who makes guest appearances in Pragmatic Bookshelf PDF formats, added, “It’s bad enough that Wikipedia says we’re ‘stout bodied’ and ‘nearsighted.’ Sitting around reading eBooks all day and eating kibble doesn’t help any!”

This uprising is the latest sign of the pressure U.S. companies are under to improve conditions in gerbil-led factories. Folks at the Pragmatic Bookshelf say an audit report will be released in the next “couple of weeks” in partnership with the Washington, D.C.-based Fair Gerbil Association. It will disclose any labor and wage violations and lay out steps to address working conditions and other issues in the Habitrail.

Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishers Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt said they were looking forward to meeting with Randy, and maybe having him over for dinner.

Hey guys -- don't send this out yet. I just found out that Randy the Gerbil didn't come into work this morning. Eddie and a couple of the others say they saw him scampering out the intertubes over toward Twitter. I don't know if this is a problem or not, but a whole stack of coupon codes is missing, too. You don't think Randy took them?

If he did, he'll post those coupons on our twitter account (@pragprog) unless we can stop him in time.

Everyone keep an eye out for Randy!

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