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Pragmatic Guide to Sass now in beta

August 24, 2011

If you are using Rails 3.1, you need to know CoffeeScript and Sass. Even if you’re not using Rails, these technologies can make your life easier. We’ve got you covered with the Pragmatic Guide to Sass and CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development books.

CSS is fundamental to the web, but it’s a basic language and lacks many features. You need more power than that—you need to build better web pages today with Pragmatic Guide to Sass, now available in beta from

Pragmatic Guide to Sass

Improve your CSS all the way: from the basics to advanced topics, from first installation to sprucing up your buttons. You’ll see how to code the right way in Sass thanks to short, clear examples. Two-page spreads show the explanation on one side and code examples on the other. You’ll learn how to improve your pages in minutes.

Written by Sass creator Hampton Catlin and Michael Lintorn Catlin, Pragmatic Guide to Sass will let you perform amazing feats of CSS including using variables, calculating layouts, and modifying colors. Did you ever want to make a color 10% less saturated? We’ll show you how to do that without needing a calculator.

Plus, learn about Compass, Sass’s library of carefully built hacks, reusable parts, and frameworks. Find out how to shortcut cross-browser issues and develop mixins for shortening text and making lists more exciting. You’ll wonder how you spent all those years styling sites without it!

Make things even easier with Blueprint, and discover how to use its predefined classes that you can apply to your Web site. From selector scoping to bundling, debugging, and designing custom functions, Pragmatic Guide to Sass will help you build the pages you’ve always wanted.

Now available in beta from

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