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Pragmatic Podcast returns with Uncle Bob Martin

October 13, 2010

The Pragmatic Podcast is back! Miles Forrest interviews the one and only Robert Martin—available now from and on iTunes. We’re winding down the last Rails and iPhone studios for 2010, so get your early bird discount in by Halloween.

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Return of the Podcast

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In this episode, your host Miles Forrest interviews Robert Martin, know by many as “Uncle Bob.” Bob has been slinging code for 40 years, and still loves coding. As Bob puts it, “I want to code till I die and I don’t want to die soon.”

Bob reveals his thoughts on the craft of programming and hopes for the next computer language, including the solution to the Moore’s Law dilemma that dates back to 1957. He’ll describe the right way to write a framework (hint: don’t write it) and discuss current problems and opportunities with agile development methods.

Discover the Most Horrible Invention in the last twenty years (and possibly the most popular!) and what Bob thinks about experience, mentorship and science fiction.

Available now from and on iTunes.

Final Rails and iPhone Studios of 2010

The Pragmatic Studio has seats available in just two more courses this year:

  • The Ruby on Rails Studio will be held in Denver, CO on December 8-10, 2010. You’ll come away from this 3-day course with the fundamental skills and hands-on experience necessary to build your own Rails apps: from idea to deployment. This course has been redesigned to take advantage of the latest features of Rails 3. It’s taught by Dave Thomas and Chad Fowler. Details available at
  • The iPhone Programming Studio will also be held in Denver, CO on December 7-10, 2010. You’ll come away from this 4-day course ready to create your first iPhone/iPad app, or improve your existing app. This course has been updated for iOS 4 and the iPhone 4 SDK. It’s taught by Daniel Steinberg and Matt Drance. Details available at

Early-bird registration pricing ends October 31st, so don’t wait to sign up. The next round of public courses won’t be until 2011. Make sure to get in on all the fun this year!

Coming Soon:

  • The RSpec Book: Behaviour Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber, and Friends in print. Updated for Rails 3 and RSpec 2
  • Agile in a Flash card deck
  • Seven Languages in Seven Weeks in print
  • Driving Technical Change: Why People On Your Team Don’t Act On Good Ideas, and How to Convince Them They Should in print
  • HTML5 and CSS3: Develop with Tomorrow’s Standards Today in print

Recently Released:

  • iPad Programming [in print]
  • Continuous Testing with Ruby [in beta]
  • The Agile Samurai [in print]
  • Pragmatic Guide to JavaScript [in beta]
  • Pragmatic Guide to Subversion [in beta]
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