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PragProWriMo, Git cast, Mastering Ruby/Rails


You know that book you’ve been meaning to write? It’s time to write it.

If you’re writing a novel, then you should check out National Novel Writing Month at But if you’re writing a book that makes developers’ lives better, then you should join us for PragProWriMo—Pragmatic Programmers Writing Month.

Spend the month of November writing with us as we piggy-back on NaNoWriMo. There are no rules really—just commit to writing every day for the month of November and then take stock of where you are at the end. Maybe you’ll want to submit a proposal to us, maybe you’ll want to post it to your blog, or maybe you’ll want to keep it to yourself.

Whatever you decide to do with it—the main thing is you followed your dream and wrote part or all of a book.

We’re gearing up on the Pragmatic Life blog at and Sunday the writing begins. Pick a project, set some time aside, and join us for a month of writing.

Source Control Made Easy

Git has significantly changed the way teams develop software. Its distributed nature and lightweight branching and merging have made it possible for developers to massage their code bases in ways they couldn’t have imagined before. However, Git has a reputation for being hard to learn. And when folks transition to Git, they often settle for using a handful of commands and treat Git just like their other source control system.

But because of its different approach to source control issues, many of the techniques and terminology we have learned in other source control systems do not translate cleanly when using Git. To begin to use Git effectively, you need to understand the underlying concepts.

In this 49-minute screencast you’ll learn Git in a different way: by not learning about Git itself. Instead, Jim Weirich takes you on a journey in which you decide how you might design and build a source control system from scratch. Along the way you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the first principles behind Git so things begin to make more sense.

This screencast is for people who haven’t used Git yet and are thinking about it, and for people who have just started using Git, but are still in the “magic incantation” stage of learning. It’s a great introduction to source control for your manager, too! No prior experience with Git or source control systems is required.

Available now from

Mastering Ruby and Rails

Ruby and Rails are both incredibly powerful technologies. But that power comes at a price—as a developer, you’re constantly faced with choices, you’re constantly asking yourself “What’s a good way to do X?” This course is designed to help you answer those questions.

The Mastering Ruby and Rails course is a highly interactive, team-based workshop, combining a mixture of relaxed instruction and hands-on lab work. Dave and Chad have taken the best of their Advanced Ruby and Advanced Rails courses and designed this 4-day master course for practicing developers.

  • Move beyond the basic toolbox of the average developer by learning advanced Ruby and Rails techniques the pros use to make your code more powerful, compact, and fun to work with.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Ruby and Rails so you can use them with more confidence and efficiency.
  • Save time and frustration by getting answers to your questions from folks who have solved tough problems.

You’ll come away from this Studio feeling like a Ruby and Rails Master!

The first course will be held in Long Beach, CA on December 1-4. Details available at


Coming Soon:

  • Debug It! in print
  • Domain-Driven Design Using Naked Objects in print
  • The RSpec Book: Behaviour Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber, and Friends in print
  • Security on Rails in print
  • Expression Engine in beta
  • … and another surprise. Maybe two.

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