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Programming Clojure, 2nd Ed Now in Beta

September 14, 2011

Clojure 1.3 is here, and with it the new 2nd edition of the Clojure book you need: Programming Clojure, 2nd ed. Stuart Halloway and Aaron Bedra have been hard at work crafting this new edition, covering new topics and changes to the Clojure language and environment. Now available in beta from

Programming Clojure, 2nd ed

Programming Clojure, 2nd Edition covers new concepts like Protocols and Datatypes, as well as Clojure’s changes to the numerics system. In addition, this book includes coverage of ClojureScript, a new platform for the Clojure language that rests on top of JavaScript. This book provides the foundation you need to understand the power of the Clojure language and how to wield it.

Clojure is an increasingly important language. It recently overtook Scala in relative growth, and is becoming the language of choice for many who are moving to functional programming or dealing with the challenges of concurrency. More and more developers are starting to see what Clojure has to offer.

  • Simplicity. Clojure’s clean, careful design lets you write programs that get right to the essence of a problem, without a lot of clutter and ceremony.
  • Clojure has the power inherent in Lisp, but is not constrained by its history.
  • Clojure is a functional language. Data structures are immutable, and functions tend to be side-effect free. This makes it easier to write correct programs, and to compose large programs from smaller ones.
  • Clojure is concurrent. Rather than error-prone locking, Clojure provides software transactional memory.
  • Clojure embraces Java. Calling from Clojure to Java is direct, and goes through no translation layer.
  • Clojure is fast. Wherever you need it, you can get the exact same performance that you could get from hand-written Java code.

Many other languages offer some of these features, but the combination of them all makes Clojure sparkle. Programming Clojure, 2nd Edition shows you why these features are so important, and how you can use Clojure to build powerful programs quickly.

Reviewers called the first edition of Programming Clojure “a masterwork,” “well-organized and easy-to-read,” “a great reference,” “a mature and polished guide,” and “a real pleasure to read.” This second edition not only provides up-to-date coverage of the language, but is a fantastic reference that you can keep close to you during the development of your own Clojure programs.

Now available in beta from

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