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Programming Elm, in print; July PragPub Magazine now available

July 03, 2019

This July, between all the barbeques and backpacking, spend quality time with the latest issue of PragPub magazine or discover a functional approach to front-end web development with Programming Elm, now in print from

Programming Elm: Build Safe and Maintainable Front-End Applications

Functional programming offers safer applications with fewer runtime errors, but functional solutions that are type-safe and easy to use have been hard to find, until the Elm language. Elm has the benefits of functional languages while compiling to JavaScript. This book provides a complete tutorial for the Elm language, starting with a simple static application that introduces Elm syntax, modules, and the virtual DOM, to exploring how to create a UI using functions. See how Elm handles the issues of state in functional languages. You'll continue to build up larger applications involving HTTP requests for communication. Integrate your Elm applications with JavaScript so you can update legacy applications or take advantage of JavaScript resources.

Elm also provides built-in tooling to alleviate the tooling creep that's so common in JavaScript. This book covers Elm's deployment and testing tools that ease development confusion. Dive into advanced concepts including creating single-page applications, and creating performance improvements. Elm expert Jeremy Fairbank brings his years of web development experience to teaching how to use Elm for front-end development.

Your web UIs will be faster, safer, and easier to develop with Elm and this tutorial.

Now available from

July PragPub Magazine

It’s the 10th Anniversary of PragPub

and to celebrate, we’re reprising some memorable articles from the magazine’s ten-year history.

Of course there’s new stuff as well, from Antonio Cangiano and Marcus Blankenship and me, Mike Swaine. But we think you’ll enjoy these classic articles by Andy Hunt, Mark Chu-Carroll, Woody Zuill, and Venkat Subramaniam.

Andy, of course, needs no introduction, but his article, “All Your Context,” does. It’s not explicitly about programming. It does something that Andy does particularly well, stepping back and taking a look at the context of your decisions. It will definitely give you something to think about.

Mark Chu-Carroll’s article, “P-adic Math,” appears, let’s be honest, because I love this kind of stuff. But I suspect you will also enjoy having your assumptions challenged and your mind twisted by this bizarre flavor of math. And it’s not just playing with numbers: P-adic math has real-world applications.

Woody Zuill introduced most of us to mob programming, and this month’s article is as good an explanation of the practice as we’ve seen. If you’re not already hooked, you may find yourself mobbing after reading Woody.

Venkat Subramaniam is my favorite explainer of programming concepts. And functional programming is a topic I’ve been promoting for literally decades. As a programming dilettante, I had the luxury of being able to beat the drum for the paradigm before it was really practical for mainstream software development. But today functional programming is mainstream, to the point where venerable languages like Java are providing the tools to develop functionally. This article by Venkat talks about how to actually start thinking in functional terms while using Java.

And of course Antonio Cangiano has all the new tech books, John Shade weighs in on what’s annoying him, and there’s a puzzle! We hope you enjoy this 10th Anniversary issue of PragPub


Now available from

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