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Programming Google Glass, 2nd Ed

October 22, 2014

On this day in 1879, Thomas Edison lit his first practical light bulb, using carbonized thread. It lasted about 13 hours before burning out (so, longer than your smartphone ;). Are you ready for the next wave of revolutionary technology?

Google Glass is the wearable computer that everyone's talking about—a head-mounted optical display with a camera that responds to voice and gesture controls. You can use the Mirror API and Glass Development Kit (GDK) to build custom Glassware for yourself and others, from social networks and geolocated maps to immersive video games and more!

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Programming Google Glass (2nd edition): Build Great Glassware Apps with the Mirror API and GDK

This is your all-inclusive guidebook for programming Glassware. You'll learn the nuances of the Mirror API and the recently released GDK as you build example applications: a restaurant finder, blogging app, Glass stats monitor, party animator, QR code reader, video game, and more.

You'll jump right in with a fun application that leverages the power of the Mirror API web service, Google's server-side interface for creating Glassware. You'll deploy and support users with OAuth, managing their timelines with cards and menu items. You'll create callable services for geolocation tracking, change notifications, and custom menu options. You'll also learn some optical-display design basics.

In Part 2, new in this edition, you'll learn how to program a more immersive experience using the GDK, Google's extension to Android for Glass. You'll populate the Glass timeline with static and live cards, where you can richly interact with the Glass hardware. You'll create an animation application (with balloons!), and move onto more advanced apps using the camera and real-time rendering. You'll learn how to hack and debug your Glass, and you'll see how to turn existing applications into Glassware.

Be one of the first programmers of a technology that will only become more ubiquitous, advanced, and nuanced.

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