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Programming Groovy 2 and Developing Android on Android

July 17, 2013

There are 167 days left in 2013. What are you going to learn this year?

If you work in the Java world, maybe you should take a look at Groovy. Programming Groovy 2 will help you, the experienced Java developer, learn and take advantage of the latest version of this rich dynamic language. You'll go from the basics of Groovy to the latest advances in the language, including options for type checking, tail-call and memoization optimizations, compile time metaprogramming, and fluent interfaces to create DSLs. Now in print and shipping from

And if you're an Android fan, check out the newly renamed Developing Android on Android: Automate Your Device with Scripts and Tasks still in beta at

Programming Groovy 2

You don't have to leave the rich Java Platform to take advantage of Groovy. Groovy preserves Java's semantics and extends the JDK, so programming in Groovy feels like the Java language has been augmented; it's like working with a lighter, more elegant Java. If you're an experienced Java developer who wants to learn how Groovy works, you'll find exactly what you need in this book.

You'll start with the fundamentals of programming in Groovy and how it works with Java, and then you'll explore advanced concepts such as unit testing with mock objects, using Builders, working with databases and XML, and creating DSLs. You'll master Groovy's powerful yet complex run-time and compile-time metaprogramming features.

Much has evolved in the Groovy language since the publication of the first edition of Programming Groovy. Programming Groovy 2 will help you learn and apply Groovy's new features. Creating DSLs is easier now, and Groovy's already-powerful metaprogramming facilities have improved even more. You'll see how to work with closures, including tail-call optimization and memoization. The book also covers Groovy's new static compilation feature.

Whether you're learning the basics of the language or interested in getting proficient with the new features, Programming Groovy 2 has you covered.

Now in print and shipping from

Developing Android on Android: Automate Your Device with Scripts and Tasks

Take charge of your Android phone or tablet by creating your own programs and scripts to make your device work for you. Developing Android on Android will teach you how to use the latest cutting-edge technologies to tailor your Android experience to your mobile lifestyle.

Write scripts that listen to your voice and post spoken tweets on Twitter. Track your phone's status and have it report its location every ten minutes via an instant message. Query and listen to weather forecasts with the click of a headset button. Have system notifications and new SMS messages automatically read to you. Design your own application launcher with a look and behavior that can be dynamically modified depending on the scripts and applications you execute.

With step-by-step instructions throughout, you'll master how to develop your own custom applications. And because you'll be using programming tools on your Android, you can change and improve your programs at any time. You'll build new Android programs and task-driven on-board workflows faster than any traditional Android development environment could hope to match!

(Please note, we've recently renamed this title. It's been out in beta as Ultimate Android Power Tips, but that title didn't really fit anymore, so we've given it a new name and a new look).

Still in beta at

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