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Programming Groovy, Sublime Text 2 screencast

December 19, 2012

On this auspicious day in 1843, Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol went on sale. In modern times, of course, publishers are supposed to release Christmas books sometime around August or so.

But as you’ve noticed, we never do what publishers are supposed to do.

So following Dickens’ example, we’re releasing two new titles today, just in time for the holidays. Get into Groovy ( or Sublime Text ( and get a jump on those New Year’s resolutions!

And if you’re still looking for stocking stuffers, don’t forget our first audio book and other recent releases.

Programming Groovy: Dynamic Productivity for the Java Developer

The strength of Java is no longer in the language. It’s in the Java Platform—the JVM, JDK, and rich frameworks and libraries. You don’t have to leave the rich Java Platform to take advantage of dynamic languages such as Groovy. Groovy preserves the Java semantics and extends the JDK, so programming in Groovy feels like the Java language has been augmented; it’s like working with a lighter, more elegant Java. If you’re an experienced Java developer who wants to learn how Groovy works, you’ll find exactly what you need in this book.

You’ll start with the fundamentals of programming in Groovy and how it works with Java, and then you’ll explore advanced concepts such as unit testing with mock objects, using Builders, working with databases and XML, and creating DSLs.

This book will help you quickly learn the new features in Groovy 2 so you can readily apply them on your next project. In addition, you’ll master Groovy’s powerful yet complex run-time and compile-time metaprogramming features. Everything’s up to date and waiting for you to dig in!

Now in beta at

Sublime Text 2

Learn the basics as well as more advanced features of Sublime Text 2, such as tweaking the program’s interface or installing custom plugins. You’ll even incorporate the vast library of TextMate themes and plugins into the Sublime Text environment.

This screencast teaches both the basics and expanded features of ST2, and accelerates you along the learning curve needed to become rapidly productive with this powerful editor.

You’ll complete this screencast with a great overview of ST2’s features, and have a great migration plan from your current editor. Sublime Text 2 brings a number of unique features to you, as well doing a great job with the toolset we already expect in our programming tools. You’ll understand how to take advantage of ST2’s rich feature set and numerous customizations.

ST2 is usable “out of the box,” but has a number of advanced features that can quickly make you more productive. You’ll cover the basics, such as the built-in themes, file navigation, and bookmarks. Then learn ST2’s advanced features including using the package manager, navigating massive files, using TextMate’s plugins, and more.

Now available from

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