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Programming Phoenix 1.4 in print

October 09, 2019

We've got you covered. Ready for a web framework that's insanely fast, reliable, and a joy to work with? Come get your copy of Programming Phoenix 1.4: Productive |> Reliable |> Fast, now in print and shipping from

Or are you more interested in Quantum Computing, the Go programming language, or how to integrate Webpacker, Stimulus, and React into your Rails app?

All that and more, coming up next. Stay tuned and keep reading!

Andy Hunt

Programming Phoenix 1.4: Productive |> Reliable |> Fast

Phoenix is the long-awaited web framework based on Elixir, the highly concurrent language that combines a beautiful syntax with rich metaprogramming. The best way to learn Phoenix is to code, and you'll get to attack some interesting problems. Start working with controllers, views, and templates within the first few pages. Build an in-memory context, and then back it with an Ecto database layer, complete with changesets and constraints that keep readers informed and your database integrity intact. Craft your own interactive application based on the channels API for the real-time applications that this ecosystem made famous. Write your own authentication plugs, and use the OTP layer for supervised services. Organize code with modular umbrella projects.

This edition is fully updated for Phoenix 1.4, with a new section on using Channel Presence to find out who's connected, even on a distributed application. Use the new generators and the new ExUnit features to organize tests and make Ecto tests concurrent.

This is a book by developers and for developers, and we know how to help you ramp up quickly. Any book can tell you what to do. When you've finished this one, you'll also know why to do it.

Now available in print and shipping from

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