September 11, 2013

You can program intricate behavior, beautiful web pages, wicked widgets and terrific text. But what about sound?

Start your journey as a sound designer, and gain the power to craft sound itself for your digital experiences, on the desktop, mobile, or web. Programming Sound with Pure Data: Make Your Apps Come Alive with Dynamic Audio by Tony Hillerson is now available in beta.

Buy now and check out a quick "Watch Me!" screencast by Tony showing some basics of Pure Data at

Programming Sound with Pure Data

Add sound effects or music to your web, Android, and iOS apps and games—sound that can react to changing environments or user input dynamically (at least in the native apps). You can do all this with Pure Data, a visual programming language for digital sound processing.

Programming Sound introduces and explores Pure Data, building understanding of sound design concepts along the way. You'll start by learning Pure Data fundamentals and applying them, creating realistic sound effects. Then you'll see how to analyze sound and re-create what you hear in a recorded sample. You'll apply multiple synthesis methods to sound design problems. You'll finish with two chapters of real-world projects, one for the web, and one for an iOS and Android app. You'll design the sound, build the app, and integrate effects using the libpd library.

Whether you've had some experience with sound synthesis, or are new to sound design, this book is for you. These techniques are perfect for independent developers, small shops specializing in apps or games, and developers interested in exploring musical apps.

Now available in beta from

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