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Project Portfolios and Xcode


By popular request, we’re releasing the first four chapters of award-winning author Johanna Rothman’s latest book, Manage Your Project Portfolio in beta. And if you’re developing for the Mac or iPhone, you’ll want to check out Mike Clark’s Becoming Productive in Xcode.

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Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects

All of your projects and programs make up your portfolio. But how much time do you actually spend on your projects, and how much time do you spend responding to emergencies?

This book will introduce you to different ways of ordering all of the projects you are working on now, and help you figure out how to staff those projects—even when you’ve run out of project teams to do the work.

Once you learn to manage your portfolio better, you’ll avoid emergency “firedrills”. The trick is adopting lean and agile approaches to projects, whether they are software projects, projects that include hardware, or projects that depend on chunks of functionality from other suppliers.

You may be accustomed to spending time in meetings where you still don’t have the data you need to evaluate your projects. Here, with a few measures, you’ll be able to quickly evaluate each project and come to a decision quickly.

You’ll learn how to define your team’s, group’s, or department’s mission with none of the buzzwords that normally accompany a mission statement. Armed with the work and the mission, you can make those decisions that define the true leaders in the organization.

The first four chapters are available now in Beta, with additional chapters coming every few weeks until final publication from

Becoming Productive in Xcode

Xcode is the development environment used to create iPhone and Mac applications. There’s a lot you can do with Xcode, and it’s easy to get distracted by all the knobs and levers. But you’re using Xcode for one simple reason: You want to build iPhone or Mac applications as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re a new iPhone developer seeing Xcode for the first time, or wish you were more familiar with the shortcuts, these screencasts will make you a more productive (and happier!) Xcode programmer.

By learning how to use Xcode in a truly productive way, you’ll spend less time being frustrated and have more time to focus on your application. We’ll look at essential keyboard shortcuts, how to use text macros and user scripts, template customization, build automation, and other time-saving tips and tricks. Xcode 3.1.2 is used throughout these screencasts

Available now from in Quicktime, iPod, and Ogg formats.

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