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Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap: Powerful, Effective, and Efficient Full-Stack Web Development

July 29, 2015

There are many books on Rails. And there are quite a few on front-end technologies such as AngularJS, Bootstrap, and back-end databases such as Postgres. But what you need is a book that helps you put it all together:

Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap: Powerful, Effective, and Efficient Full-Stack Web Development will get you there. Now in beta and available from

Armed with full knowledge from the front-end to the back, you’ll be invincible.

Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap: Powerful, Effective, and Efficient Full-Stack Web Development

Rails is a great tool for building web applications, but it's not the best at everything. Embrace the features built into your database. Learn how to use front-end frameworks. Seize the power of the application stack through AngularJS, Bootstrap, and PostgreSQL. When used together, these powerful and easy-to-use tools will open you to a new world of possibilities. In each chapter of this book, you'll learn how these technologies can work together inside a Rails app to deliver well-performing applications that offer great user experiences.

Create a usable and attractive login form using Bootstrap's styles, while ensuring the database table backing it is secure, using Postgres' check constraints. You'll see how creating an advanced Postgres index for a case-insensitive search can speed up your back-end—allowing you to create a highly dynamic user experience using AngularJS. You'll create reusable components that bring Bootstrap and Angular together, effectively use materialized views for caching within Postgres, and store unstructured data in an indexed JSON field. You'll get your front-end working with the Asset Pipeline, use Postgres' features from migrations, and write unit tests for all of it. All of this within Rails.

You'll gain the confidence to work at every level of the application stack, bringing the right solution to every problem.

Now available in beta from

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