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Rails for Java Developers now in print

“Rails for Java Developers” by Stuart Halloway and Justin Gehtland is back from the printers and now shipping.

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If you are a Java programmer, you shouldn’t have to start at the very beginning! You already have deep experience with the design issues that inspired Rails, and can use this background to quickly learn Ruby and Rails. But Ruby looks a lot different from Java, and some of those differences support powerful abstractions that Java lacks. We’ll be your guides to this new, but not strange, territory.

In each chapter, we build a series of parallel examples to demonstrate some facet of web development. Because the Rails examples sit next to Java examples, you can start this book in the middle, or anywhere else you want. You can use the Java version of the code, plus the analysis, to quickly grok what the Rails version is doing. We have carefully cross-referenced and indexed the book to facilitate jumping around as you need to.

Thanks to your background in Java, this one short book can cover a half-dozen books’ worth of ideas:

  • Programming Ruby
  • Building MVC (Model/View/Controller) Applications
  • Unit and Functional Testing
  • Security
  • Project Automation
  • Configuration
  • Web Services

Rails for Java Developers is the fast track for Java programmers who are learning or evaluating Ruby on Rails.

“If you are a Java developer and you want to explore Ruby on Rails, this is the book to get. Justin and Stu do a masterful job of revealing the intricacies of Ruby and Ruby on Rails from a Java developer’s perspective. Not only that, this book is extremely well written, and is a pleasure to read.”

—David Geary, Author of Graphic Java Swing and co-author of Core JavaServer Faces

Available now from

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  • Release It! Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software
  • Successful Project Management: Modern, pragmatic techniques that work

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Enjoy, and thanks for your continued support!

Andy and Dave