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"Rails for PHP Developers" now in Print and shipping

Rails for PHP Developers now In Print

Are you a PHP developer interested in the Ruby on Rails framework? Rails for PHP Developers kick-starts your Rails experience by guiding you through learning both Ruby and Rails from a PHP developer’s perspective. Written by developers with deep experience using PHP, Ruby, and Rails, this book leverages your existing knowledge of PHP to learn Rails application development quickly and effectively.

See the book’s home page for details or to order.

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Things are finally settling down from a hectic flurry of new titles, and now it’s time for some of these Beta books to work their way into print. Hot off the press is Rails for PHP Developers, which is now in print and shipping. If you or someone you know is a PHP developer, and want to learn Ruby and Rails, this is the place to start.

Are you going to the SD West conference in March? If so, you can say “Hi” to a number of our authors, including Jolt Award finalists Mike Nygard and Johanna Rothman.

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