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Rapid Android Development: Build Rich, Sensor-Based Applications with Processing now in beta

August 22, 2012

Happy August 22! Today is author Ray Bradbury’s birthday (1920-2012), and on this day in 1902 Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first President of the United States to ride in an automobile.

So take some time today to memorize a book or embark on a journey with new technology: Rapid Android Development: Build Rich, Sensor-Based Applications with Processing will get you started. Read on for details, or head on over to the book’s home page at There’s a short video there demonstrating Processing on an Android tablet, take a look!

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Rapid Android Development: Build Rich, Sensor-Based Applications with Processing

Whether you’re a student, teacher, hobbyist, or experienced developer, Rapid Android Development puts the fast-growing market for Android phone and tablet applications within your reach. Without needing to master the complexities of Java, Eclipse, or the Android SDK, you’ll find yourself writing dazzling graphics displays and location-aware programs in no time.

With more than 30 ready-to-run demos, applications, and games, you’ll find yourself diving deeper than you thought possible into the treasure trove of software and hardware packed into today’s Android devices. You’ll learn how to:

  • Access the Android touch screen, keyboard, and gestures to create eye-popping user experiences.
  • Tap into Android’s on-board sensors for orientation, location, motion, geolocation, and more to build environment-aware applications.
  • Use Android’s built-in networking devices to access the Internet, network with nearby Android devices, and interact with NFC-formatted RFID tags.
  • Create OpenGL accelerated 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Integrate camera images, video, and face-detection into your mobile apps.
  • Take selected apps cross-platform with new Processing support for HTML 5 and JavaScript.

And once the prototyping is done, you can easily move your work to Eclipse for debugging and deployment.

Now available in beta from

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