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Raspberry Pi, Second Edition; April PragPub Magazine

April 02, 2014

Welcome to April 2nd! No foolish jokes today, just our awesome update now in print and shipping: Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide, Second Edition ( Start inventing your own extra-cool gizmo based on the Pi today and dazzle the world!

And since it's the top of the month, there's a brand new issue of PragPub magazine ready for your enjoyment. Read on for details…

Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide, Second Edition

Get your Raspberry Pi up and running and doing cool stuff. You'll start with the basics: adding hardware, installing and configuring Debian Linux, and customizing the Pi's firmware to get the most out of your hardware.

Then the fun begins. You'll connect the Pi to your home network, surf the web, and tweet messages. You'll learn how to get the most out of Midori, the Pi's standard browser, and control the desktops of other PCs with the Pi. Then you'll explore the Pi's versatility with a series of home projects. Turn it into a web server in your home network; convert the Pi into a powerful multimedia center so you can watch high-definition video and listen to your favorite music; and play classic video games.

Then you'll use the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi to build your own electronics projects, such as an "out of memory" alarm. You'll learn how to use digital and analog sensors with the Pi‚ even though the Pi doesn't have analog input ports! Finally, you'll set up the Pi camera, create your own time-lapse videos, and build an automatic e-mailing burglar alarm. Power to the Pi!

Now in print and shipping at

April PragPub Magazine

This month’s PragPub lineup includes contributions from Tony Hillerson, David Hussman, Andy Hunt, Jonathan Rasmusson, Antonio Cangiano, Michael Swaine, David Lowe, Andy Lester, Johanna Rothman, Dan Wohlbruck, Tom Mahon, and John Shade.

Tony follows up on last month’s introduction to designing sound with Pure Data, taking you deeper into the design of sound to enhance apps and games. Tony is a big believer in bringing a design sense to sound, and also a big fan of Pure Data as a tool for rapidly designing and building sounds from scratch. This month he walks you through a practical example of how to craft convincing sound effects. When you finish building the sound of bacon sizzling in a pan, your mouth will be watering.

Jonathan Rasmusson is no stranger to Pragmatic Bookshelf or PragPub readers, through his book The Agile Samurai and his many contributions to the magazine, which are always thought-provoking and entertaining. This month’s reflection on the past and future of Extreme Programming is no exception.

The April issue also features a bit of programming history from Dan Wohlbruck, plus essays on connecting your coding life with the outside world by Tom Mahon and Mike Swaine.

Also in this issue: Andy Lester and Johanna Rothman challenge you to improve your writing skills as part of your portfolio of job skills, Antonio Cangiano keeps you up to date on all the new programming books, and John Shade reveals a dark secret.

Our special issue on teaching kids to code grows by one article this month. You can download it free at the Prose Garden website. Right now, it contains:

  • “The Hour of Code” by David Bock
  • “Constraints and Freedom” by Jimmy Thrasher
  • “Lego League: Lessons Learned” by Seb Rose
  • “Coding Unplugged” by Fahmida Y. Rashid
  • and a new essay by Mike Swaine

Upcoming Author Appearances

  • 2014-04-03 Seb Rose, DevWeek, London, UK
  • 2014-04-03 Seb Rose, DevWeek, London, UK
  • 2014-04-04 Jonathan Penn, CocoaConf Austin 2014
  • 2014-04-05 Brian P. Hogan, Twin Cities Code Camp, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2014-04-06 Rachel Davies, Agile Adria, Croatia
  • 2014-04-08 Johanna Rothman, Toronto
  • 2014-04-10 Rachel Davies, Scrum Days Paris
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