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Refreshing the eBooks

We converted our titles into .mobi and .epub format electronic books one-by-one. Although we have a standardized markup, we also believed that each book should get its own treatment, rather than go for some cookie-cutter layout. This meant that it took almost a month from the time we started to the time the last book was converted. And, during that time, we updated some elements of the layout, and we fixed some bugs.

So now we’ve decided to go through and regenerate all the eBooks for titles that have been published. When we’re done, all our published (as opposed to beta) eBooks will have been built using the latest version of our toolchain. We’re still working on some issues (such as getting the Kindle to recognize our table of contents), but in general we think these books look pretty good on all supported devices.

We’re not going to be spamming you with e-mail as titles get updated, but if you log in to your account you’ll be able to see all the eBooks with updates available.