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Release It! Second Edition: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software

August 23, 2017

tl;dr: If you plan on releasing software that works in the real world, you need this book.

"It works on my machine" isn't good enough anymore. Out here, with real customers, a single dramatic software failure can cost you millions of dollars. Or you can avoid all that with a few simple changes to your design and architecture. See how to survive the slings and arrows of outrageous 21st-century fortunes with Release It! Second Edition: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software.

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Come and get it. Now. Seriously. I'm not kidding. You need this. Please, think of your loved ones.


Release It! Second Edition: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software

If you're a software developer, and you don't want to get alerts every night for the rest of your life, help is here. With a combination of case studies about huge losses—lost revenue, lost reputation, lost time, lost opportunity—and practical, down-to-earth advice that was all gained through painful experience, this book helps you avoid the pitfalls that cost companies millions of dollars in downtime and reputation. Eighty percent of project life-cycle cost is in production, yet few books address this topic.

This updated edition deals with the production of today's systems—larger, more complex, and heavily virtualized—and is the first book to cover chaos engineering, the discipline of applying randomness and deliberate stress to reveal systematic problems. Build systems that survive the real world, avoid downtime, implement zero-downtime upgrades and continuous delivery, and make cloud-native applications resilient. Examine ways to architect, design, and build software—particularly distributed systems—that stands up to the typhoon winds of a flash mob, a Slashdotting, or a link on Reddit. Take a hard look at software that failed the test and find ways to make sure your software survives.

To skip the pain and get the experience… get this book.

Now in beta from

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