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Ruby Cocoa in print; PragPub Magazine #2 for August


The long-awaited Programming Cocoa with Ruby for Mac OS X programming is now in print and shipping. And don’t miss the August issue of our new magazine, PragPub, available for download to help you fritter away a few otherwise productive hours.

Programming Cocoa with Ruby

Two great tastes that taste great together—Ruby meets Cocoa.

This is a book for the Ruby programmer who’s never written a Mac app before. Through this hands-on tutorial, you’ll learn all about the Cocoa framework for programming on Mac OS X. Delve into the Cocoa framework with experienced Ruby programmer Brian Marick right from the beginning, answering the same questions and solving the same problems that you’ll face.

Together you’ll build a single application that threads throughout the book, and it’s not a toy. You’ll cover topics that may not be the flashiest parts of Cocoa, but they’re ones you’ll need to know to create robust, feature-rich applications for yourself. And you’ll learn more than just Cocoa and RubyCocoa, you’ll get first-hand effective agile development practices. You’ll see test-first development of user-interface code, little domain-specific languages that take advantage of Ruby features, and other Rubyish tricks.

At the end of the book, you’ll be ready to write a real Mac OS X application that can be distributed to real users.

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PragPub Issue #2

The August issue of PragPub, our monthly excuse to hang out at the virtual water cooler with you, is now available.

Join your host Michael Swaine and you’ll find an introduction to the world of the iPhone courtesy of Chris Adamson, testing on the iPhone with Cucumber with Ian Dees, an interview about Pragmatic Life with Andy Hunt, tips on personal productivity management from Johanna Rothman, observations on nerd society, the concept of the village as the idiot, and even roasting your own coffee beans.

Stop by today to get your free (as in beer) copy in PDF, mobi, or epub format. Feel free to share it with your co-workers, your friends, or your cats.


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