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Screencasts are here; new OpenID support


Two new exciting announcements this week: we’re launching our new Pragmatic Screencasts series, and are pleased to announce support for OpenID logins to your account on Read on for details…

Pragmatic Screencasts

Watching developers as they work is almost like getting inside their head. Just by sitting beside them and watching, you can learn a whole lot about their process: where they start building an application, what tools they use, when they refactor code, why they choose one technique over another, how they troubleshoot problems along the way, and so on.

And when they do their best work, it’s usually not a neat and clean linear process where everything is planned out in advance and works the first time. Building applications is more organic than that; instead of a single feature-length movie, it’s more like watching a series of episodes.

But how do you get access to experienced developers—from many different disciplines—as they work?

We’ve got you covered. Today we’re proud to launch our new screencasts project. To start with, we have episodes in the following four series:

Each series has a few 20-30 minute episodes to start the season, and more episodes and screencast series are on the way. Previews and free episodes are available as well.

Throughout these episodes you’ll get inside the minds of experts in their field as they build an application incrementally. You can follow along with each twist and turn as they add new features to shape the application. You’ll not only learn more about the tools they’re using, you’ll also see ways to streamline your development workflow.

  • Download and watch DRM-free formats when and where it’s convenient for you
  • You get both QuickTime and iPod/iPhone formats with your purchase
  • Download anytime—we’ve got your backup
  • Only $5 per episode

New Open ID Support

OpenID eliminates the need for multiple usernames across different websites, simplifying your online experience. If you already have an identity at a supported blog, photostream, or profile page, OpenID can use that to let you login to any OpenID-enabled site.

If you have an existing account on, login and then select the ‘Edit My Profile’ link in the sidebar. From there, you can set up a link to your OpenID account.

If you’re creating a new account with us, you can specify your OpenID credentials, and you won’t have to tell us your name and email again—we’ll get it from OpenID.

If you haven’t used OpenId yet, this might be the excuse you’ve been looking for.

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