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September PragPub Magazine now available

September 06, 2019

Welcome to September! Early fall weather brings us the latest issue of PragPub magazine, now available at Read on and enjoy!

September PragPub Magazine

As summer winds down up here in the northern hemisphere, we’ve harvested a bountiful crop of articles for the feast we call the September issue of PragPub

magazine. Artificial intelligence, cross-platform mobile app development, the spirit of agile development, distributed team leadership, John Shade’s minority report, and a celebration of punk rock languages: there’s something for every taste and for hearty appetites.

Last month we began a series on artificial intelligence by Eric Redmond. In his first article he reviewed the history of AI and surveyed its modern applications. In this issue, he examines the technologies and other factors behind its current success.

This year we are celebrating ten years of PragPub by revisiting some of our favorite articles of the past 120 issues. We’re replaying an old fave each issue, to let you read some of these classics. This month, it’s Chris Adamson’s paeon to what he calls punk rock languages, from way back in 2011. It’s a fun read whether you agree with Chris or not. In true punk spirit, he’d probably prefer that you not.

And there’s more. Carmine Zaccagnino is writing a book on Flutter, Google’s framework for multiplatform mobile app development. This month he discusses Flutter in the context of the history of mobile development through its turbulent early years to the present. And Charlie Martin shares a tale of Cargo Cult Agile.

And still more! Marcus Blankenship interviews Katie Womersley, VP of Engineering at Buffer, while John Shade thinks we’re living in a science fiction writer’s future — but it’s the wrong science fiction writer. Plus there’s a puzzle! We hope you enjoy this fat fall feast of PragPub fare.

Now available at

Upcoming Author Appearances

  • 2019-09-13 Alex Miller,
    Strange Loop 2019, St. Louis
  • 2019-09-20 Ethan Garofolo,
    UtahJS Conference
  • 2019-09-26 Alex Miller,
    ClojuTRE 2019, Helsinki
  • 2019-09-30 Diana Larsen,
    XA/experienceAgile, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2019-10-14 James O. Coplien,
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2019-10-20 Jon Reid,
    Silicon Valley Code Camp Agile Track, San Jose, California, USA
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