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Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks

June 25, 2014

The best programmers know one very important secret. The learning never stops, whether it's a new computer language, a new programming idiom or paradigm, or even what components to use to build a super-charged PC. Keep learning, whether you need the information right now—or not.

Maybe you'll use Lua for an iOS app, or write a robust OTP app in Elixir, or maybe just see how languages like Factor and MiniKanren get you to think differently. Head on over to for Seven More Languages to add to your mental arsenal.

Also this week, tune into the Computer America Show ( this Wednesday, June 25 2014 at 10 PM ET for a live conversation with Mike Riley, author of Build an Awesome PC, 2014 Edition. Computer America host Craig Crossman will be interviewing Mike on the benefits of building your own custom PC versus buying a pre-built system, as well as discussing the latest PC hardware designed to make your software screamingly fast. Mike's new book is available at

Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks: Languages That Are Shaping the Future

Learn from the award-winning programming series that inspired the Elixir language. Hear how other programmers across broadly different communities solve problems important enough to compel language development. Expand your perspective, and learn to solve multicore and distribution problems.

In each language, you'll solve a non-trivial problem, using the techniques that make that language special. Write a fully functional game in Elm, without a single callback, that compiles to JavaScript so you can deploy it in any browser. Write a logic program in Clojure using a programming model, MiniKanren, that is as powerful as Prolog but much better at interacting with the outside world. Build a distributed program in Elixir with Lisp-style macros, rich Ruby-like syntax, and the richness of the Erlang virtual machine. Build your own object layer in Lua, a statistical program in Julia, a proof in code with Idris, and a quiz game in Factor.

When you're done, you'll have written programs in five different programming paradigms that were written on three different continents. You'll have explored four languages on the leading edge, invented in the past five years, and three more radically different languages, each with something significant to teach you.

Now in beta at

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