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Seven Web Frameworks and Web Development with Clojure now in print and shipping

January 15, 2014

A Happy Birthday to Wikipedia, which came online on this day in 2001. Time flies.

And technology never stands still. Go beyond your same old web environment and explore Seven Web Frameworks in Seven Weeks: Adventures in Better Web Apps, now in print and shipping from

For more on web development in the Clojure world, dive into Web Development with Clojure: Build Bulletproof Web Apps with Less Code, now in print and shipping from

Seven Web Frameworks in Seven Weeks: Adventures in Better Web Apps

The rapid evolution of web apps demands innovative solutions: this survey of frameworks and their unique perspectives will inspire you and get you thinking in new ways to meet the challenges you face daily.

This book covers seven web frameworks that are influencing modern web applications and changing web development: Sinatra, CanJS, AngularJS, Ring, Webmachine, Yesod, Immutant. Each of these web frameworks brings unique and powerful ideas to bear on building apps.

Embrace the simplicity of Sinatra, which sheds the trappings of large frameworks and gets back to basics with Ruby. Live in the client with CanJS, and create apps with JavaScript in the browser. Be declarative with AngularJS; say what you want, not how to do it, with a mixture of declarative HTML and JavaScript. Turn the web into data with Ring, and use Clojure to make data your puppet. Become a master of advanced HTTP with Webmachine, and focus the power of Erlang. Prove web theorems with Yesod; see how Haskell's advanced type system isn't just for academics. Develop in luxury with Immutant, an enlightened take on the enterprise framework.

Seven Web Frameworks will influence your work, no matter which framework you currently use.

Welcome to a wider web.

Now in print and shipping from

Web Development with Clojure: Build Bulletproof Web Apps with Less Code

Modern web development needs modern tools. Web Development With Clojure shows you how to apply Clojure programming fundamentals to build real-world solutions. You’ll develop all the pieces of a full web application in this powerful language. If you already have some familiarity with Clojure, you’ll learn how to put it to serious practical use. If you’re new to the language, the book provides just enough Clojure to get down to business.

You’ll learn the full process of web development using Clojure while getting hands-on experience with current tools, libraries, and best practices in the language. You’ll develop Clojure apps with both the Light Table and Eclipse development environments. Rather than frameworks, Clojure development builds on rich libraries. You’ll acquire expertise in the popular Ring/Compojure stack, and you’ll learn to use the Liberator library to quickly develop RESTful services. Plus, you’ll find out how to use ClojureScript to work in one language on the client and server sides.

Throughout the book, you’ll develop key components of web applications, including multiple approaches to database access. You’ll create a simple guestbook app and an app to serve resources to users. By the end, you will have developed a rich Picture Gallery web application from conception to packaging and deployment.

This book is for anyone interested in taking the next step in web development.

Now in print and shipping from

Updated: Create Mobile Games with Corona: Build with Lua on iOS and Android

Murphy's Law being what it is, there was a substantial update to the Corona graphics libraries just as this book went to press. We've updated the ebooks and new orders of print books to match.

Updated: Remote Pairing

In this release, we’ve added two new sections in Chapter 3, Using the Cloud to Connect. They include additional discussion on techniques for collaborating through a proxy server, and a new discussion on tmate. tmate is a fork of tmux that makes remote pairing even easier. We also upgraded the version of github-auth and addressed all open errata.

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