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Small, Sharp Software Tools, in print

May 29, 2019

In the HVAC world, there's a tool called a "notch-cutter." It makes a 30-degree, V-shaped notch in sheet metal, about three-quarters of an inch long. Workers cut notches in the metal to indicate where to bend it to form a duct, and once the duct is complete, the notches enable installers to slip connectors on to join the ducts together. The tool makes one notch of a single size, and does nothing else, because that's all it's needed for. Look in any professional's toolbox, and you'll find any number of specialized tools that serve a single purpose, along with more general hammers and screwdrivers. In Small, Sharp Software Tools, Brian Hogan details specialized command-line tools that can make your work easier.

Check it out, and add something new to your toolbox today.

Small, Sharp Software Tools: Harness the Combinatoric Power of Command-Line Tools and Utilities

No matter what language or platform you're using, you can use the CLI to create projects, run servers, and manage files. You can even create new tools that fit right in with grep, sed, awk, and xargs. You'll work with the Bash shell and the most common command-line utilities available on macOS, Windows 10, and many flavors of Linux.

Create files without opening a text editor. Manage complex directory strutures and move around your entire file system without touching the mouse. Diagnose network issues and interact with APIs. Chain several commands together to transform data, and create your own scripts to automate repetitive tasks. Make things even faster by customizing your environment, creating shortcuts, and integrating other tools into your environment. Hands-on activities and exercises will cement your newfound knowledge and give you the confidence to use the CLI to its fullest potential. And if you're worried you'll wreck your system, this book walks you through creating an Ubuntu virtual machine so you can practice worry-free.

Dive into the CLI and join the thousands of other devs who use it every day.

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  • 2019-06-06 Jeff Langr,
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  • 2019-06-06 Jon Reid,
    AltConf, San Jose, California, USA
  • 2019-06-25 Kevin Hoffman,
    KubeCon / CloudNative Con Shanghai
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