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Technical Blogging, Second Edition, in beta

January 23, 2019

Back in the long-ago days of the early 2000s, it seemed like everybody had a blog, whether personal, professional, or some of each. Twitter, Reddit, and other social outlets have caused a decline in traditional long-form blogging, and for some kinds of content, that's definitely a loss. If you want to talk about code, you need to provide examples, explanations, and context. In short, your content needs room to breathe. Nothing serves that purpose like a techical blog.

Your blog doesn't have to be essential reading for billions of developers in order to be useful. You can raise your own profile, boost the signal of a favorite technology, or enhance the level of discourse by engaging with readers. Most important, when you share what you know with others, you increase the level of knowledge of the community as a whole, to everyone's benefit. Find out how with Technical Blogging, Second Edition, now in beta from

If you purchased the first edition from us directly, you'll find a coupon in your account for 35% off the ebook edition. If you never got a chance to get the first edition, now's the time!

Dust off that old blog, or start a new one today!

Technical Blogging, Second Edition: Amplify Your Influence

Successful people often get recognition by teaching what they know. Blogging is a reliable path to do that, while gaining influence in the process. The problem is getting it right. Far too often professionals start a blog with big hopes, only to quickly give up because they don’t get speedy results. This book will spare you that fate by outlining a careful plan of action, a plan that will bring amazing benefits to your career, new job possibilities, as well as publishing, speaking, and consulting opportunities. And if you are blogging for business, you'll attract new customers, partners, and outstanding employees.

Understand what blogging is and how it can improve your professional (and personal) life. Devise a plan for your new or existing blog. Create remarkable content that ranks well in Google and is shared by readers. Beat procrastination by employing proven time-management techniques that make you an efficient and effective blogger. Promote your blog by mastering on-page and off-page SEO, as well as social media promotion, without compromising your ethics. Analyze your traffic to understand your audience and measure growth. Build a community around your blog and make the best of your newfound popularity by maximizing its benefits for your career, business, or simply for extra income.

Create and maintain a successful technical blog that will amplify your impact, influence, and reach by following Antonio's step-by-step plan.

Now available from

The Pragmatic Studio’s Unpacked: A Single-Page App with Vue.js and Rails Tutorial

How would you build a single-page web app using Vue.js on the frontend and Rails as the backend API? The Pragmatic Studio's latest video tutorial "Unpacked: A Single-Page App with Vue.js and Rails" deftly navigates you through many of the design decisions, including:

  • How is the code of the two applications organized and structured?
  • How do JavaScript frontends asynchronously communicate with backend APIs?
  • What does a JSON API design look like?
  • When and where are single-file Vue components used, and how is data shared between them?
  • What role does a router play in a single-page app?
  • When should Vuex be used to manage client-side state?
  • How does authentication work and remain secure between two applications?

Starting with a complete full-stack application, they unpack the design, architecture, and implementation so you understand how everything works together in harmony. No need to get bogged down in figuring out how to put all the pieces together yourself. Save time and frustration by using the application in this tutorial as a springboard for creating your own apps!

The full 80-minute video series includes:

  • 14 videos (all with English subtitles)
  • 7 animations exploring key design elements
  • All the source code, of course!
  • Never-ending access (no monthly subscription)

"Unpacked: A Single-Page App with Vue.js and Rails" is ready for you at and it's on sale at a special launch price through January 31st.

Upcoming Author Appearances

  • 2019-02-04 Frances Buontempo,
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  • 2019-02-21 Frances Buontempo,
    nor(DEV):con 2019, Norfolk, UK
  • 2019-02-28 Fred Hebert,
    CodeBEAM San Francisco
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